Read Mayor’s Letter Intended To Procure State Funds For ANC’s 2016 Election Campaign


One of the stories trending today centers around  the shocking letter signed and sealed by Beaufort West’s controversial Mayor requesting for funds from the state to be used for the forth coming 2016 ANC campaign. The letter was said to have been sent to the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA) which is currently planning on building a new training center in Beaufort West.

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 Report has it that Truman Prince, the mayor of Beaufort West signed a letter requesting that the CETA create room for construction companies that support the African National Congress (ANC) to gain from the ongoing constructions taking place in the state. According to the letter, this will enable these companies to help fund the forth coming local government campaign process.

“We are an ANC led municipality, we are therefore in need of financial injection for our 2016 Local Government Election campaign and therefore will also want to see construction companies sympathetic and having a relationship with the ANC to benefit in order for these companies to inject funds in our election campaign process.

“We do believe that as cadres and activists yourselves, you would understand why we would want to manage the procurement process ourselves, obviously with your people also being involved in bid adjudication processes.

It appears that the CETA wants to use its own transparent procurement processes in the awarding of tenders which will not be of any benefit to Truman and his political party in the area.


The mayor further assured CETA of the competence of their own local construction company and that allowing them gain in the on-going programme will not only be be beneficial to them as a municipality, but that it will also help in the circulation of wealth within the area as these local companies will make use of local workers.

”We are seeing this project as a mechanism that will help us regain lost ground to the opposition towards our campaigns, we therefore would want to see our own construction companies constructing this centre, construction companies who would create local jobs and have the money revolve around our people.

“We are as a municipality pleading for your understanding in this regard and see the importance of allowing us to manage the procurement processes using our supply chain processes,” the letter reads.

Meanwhile, Truman Prince has announced that he is unapologetic for sending a letter to CETA. Truman said this after the Democratic Alliance accused the Prince of blatant corruption for writing a letter to the CETA board chairperson.

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 According to Timeslive, Truman said he is a seasoned politician and would never be stupid enough to ask for corrupt favours. He added that the fund solicited for was not to meet his personal needs but for the party.

He added that he saw no wrong in what he wrote left for the fact that the letter was written on his mayoral letterhead.

“Maybe it was an oversight for me writing it on my mayoral letterhead.

“But from my side I didn’t do anything wrong. I said this was going to be a good thing for the ANC before the elections,” he said.