Mayor Mashaba Threatens Local And Foreign Criminals In Johannesburg


Once again Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has promised to make the city an uncomfortable region for local and foreign criminals.

On Friday, the big-mouthed DA leader met with the African Heads of Mission in Tshwane to discuss ways in which they can work together to ensure a progressive and sustainable strategy in dealing with migrants in the City of Johannesburg.

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The meeting also provided the leaders with an opportunity to discuss ways to prevent xenophobic incidents from occurring in the city.

Mayor Herman Mashaba is accused of sparking the recent violent attacks on foreign nationals after his comment in December which was described as being naive and reckless, or simply Afrophobic, and led to more burning and looting.

Even after the tragic outbreak, he continued to blame the national government’s failure to mitigate crime, unemployment, inequality and, especially, border control for the recurring attacks. Mashaba insisted that the ruling party must ensure the rule of law comes to full play because the country cannot be a “jungle”.

While the meeting lasted, the mayor emphasized that the city will ensure that migrants safe but insisted that the rule of law must be deliberately, and tirelessly upheld, as no country can hope to have a stable democracy, economic growth, development and safe communities without the rule of law.

“We condemn xenophobia in all its manifestations and will ensure that those who perpetrate violence against
immigrants face the full might of the law. Our City cannot be a safe haven for local or foreign criminals and this view is supported by all,” he said.

Mashaba admitted that the issue of migration is one that cannot be dealt with at Municipal level comprehensively, but requires the willing participation of both provincial, and especially national government.

In response, the African Diplomatic Corps expressed consistent support to Mashaba’s administration, promising to maintain an open and deliberate relationship with the mayor in their drive to creating a city of golden opportunities for all.

Last month, Mashaba also met with Nigerian Consulate, headed by Nigerian Consul-General, Goldwin Adama following the xenophobic attacks that erupted in some parts of the country recently.

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At the meeting, he reiterated that South Africa welcomes all people, from all over Africa and the world with open arms; adding that all immigrants must ensure they have relevant documentation to benefit from the country’s service delivery.

Former Home Affairs minister Gigaba tried to take the middle ground after the recent xenophobia broke out – though he was heavily criticized for not taking a strong enough stance against the violence. But he warned politicians to refrain from making statements that could fan the flames of xenophobic attacks in the country.

Gigaba reportedly blamed Mayor Herman Mashaba afterward for his reckless comments and allegations against immigrants in Johannesburg.

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