You Are A Scoundrel, DA Members Slam Mayor Danny


Throng of Democratic Alliance (DA) supporters stormed Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Danny Joordan’s office on Tuesday in protest against poor service delivery and high rate of unemployment in the metro.

The protesters, who were up to 2,000 in number alleged that since Joordan was elected as the Port Elizabeth mayor, life has been so miserable and unbearable for them.

DA Leaders Protest Against Mayor Danny Joordan

The aggrieved protesters were seen on the streets of Port Elizabeth led by DA national spokeswoman Phumzile van Damme, DA mayoral candidate Athol Trollip and  youth leader Yusuf Cassim.

When the group arrived at the City Hall, they slammed Danny for leaving unemployment unattended since he took over power.

DA youth leader, Cassim said: “Mayor Danny Jordan and his friends are good at stealing government money. They have a mysterious skill for this. This is the reason young people with degrees end up working as waiters or staying home without jobs.”

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Mayoral candidate Trollip disclosed that Statistics SA found the city has more than 170 000 unemployed residents. He however promised that the opposition party would definitely “bring the change that will turn this municipality around. We will create jobs, deliver services and stop corruption.”

“We will prioritize the needs of the youth and stop golden handshakes. We will arrest and charge all those found to be involved in corrupt activities,” he added.

On Thursday, the embattled mayor, who doubles as president of the South African Football Association delivered his State of the Metro Address, in commemoration of his stay in office.

Danny boasted that since he toook over power, the lives of the people in the Metro have been bettered.

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“Our city has R2bn in cash reserves. There are financial controls and we have delivered a transparent tender system. Several staff members have been suspended for corruption, and their cases handed to the Hawks,” he reported.

In addition, Mayor Danny Jordan told the audience that two thousand people in the metro have received electricity, 7,000 new jobs have been created through the Expanded Public Works Programme and that 7,000 new houses will be built by the end of the year.

Speaking further, the mayor said he also lunched the first phase of the smart city program, as well as the Metro police. He concluded by saying he hopes to accomplish greater works in the next five years.