Learn From Marikana Calamity The Importance Of Peaceful Resolutions – ANC


While South Africans persistently blame the ANC government for the Marikana calamity, the ruling party marked the fourth anniversary of the Marikana tragedy calling on South Africans to learn the importance of peaceful resolutions to conflicts from the evil event.

In a media statement issued by the party’s national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, ANC joined the community of Marikana in commemorating the tragic loss of lives during the 2012 mining strikes.

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ANC said the Marikana calamity will eternally, leave a blemish in South Africa’s young democracy.

With that, the party called on citizens of the country to learn from the tragic event, the importance of peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

“We call on all South Africans to draw lessons from Marikana about the importance of peaceful resolutions to conflicts in the workplace.

That, according to ANC, should be done in order to ensure the country never experience a similar incident.

Thereafter, the party pointed out that the nation must never forget that a genuine campaign for workers’ right and decent working and living conditions was at the heart of the Marikana conflict.

As such, ANC demanded of all stakeholders to work together and refocus their energies towards bringing lasting stability in Marikana

“This can only be achieved by meaningfully redressing structural inequalities that still persist in the workplace, especially in the mining industry.

We urge government to partner with the mines to accelerate the programme of revitalizing mining towns, which will prioritize housing, access to services and development of local economies.

We also call on Lonmin to fast-track its transformation and social responsibility agenda to build better living conditions around the mining area,” ANC stated.

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Above all, the party vowed to continue work with the Marikana community to build social cohesion. “Working together, we can transform Marikana into a beacon of hope in honour of those we lost,” ANC added.

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