The March Is On, DA Paints South Africa Blue For The Jobless – See Pictures


The DA has consistently talked about giving jobs to the jobless and suffering South Africans. Among other things, they’ve told us that the greatest hope of finding a job in South Africa is where the DA governs, they’ve pointed out that 774 people become jobless every single day Zuma is president, and are now marching in solidarity with the unemployed painting the City of Johannesburg blue.

An excerpt from the speech the DA leader, Mmusi Maimane  delivered read;

“We march today for jobs. We march for the freedom that having work brings. It has been said that “a hungry man cannot be free”. This is the South Africa of today. We are here today because we believe that the hope for our nation, that the only way out of poverty, is always through a job…We want to make job creation a new national cause – something that will unite the whole country in a massive effort to secure our futures.

“Creating jobs must be our next national cause – because our entire country’s future is at risk. We cannot build a prosperous future for South Africa when 8.4 million South Africans are excluded and have no hope, no sense of belonging.

“Friends, life is getting tougher for most South Africans. Everyone is paying more for food, everyone is paying more for transport. Throughout the country, people have been telling me that it is getting more difficult to find work, even piece work. Even those with jobs feel unsure about their future, and they worry for their families.

“South Africa can do better than this. We are angry that so many of our people are unemployed, when we know they don’t have to be.

“But look what the ANC has done. Do you think they got angry about unemployment? Do you think they got angry that their President is letting 770 more people join the unemployed every single day?…Instead of fighting for those people, the ANC is fighting to protect President Zuma. And President Zuma is fighting to protect himself, and his close network of insiders.

“Unemployed South Africans must know this: President Zuma and the ANC have long forgotten you. It is only the DA that is here fighting for you.

“If you give us your vote, I give you my word that we will work harder for you than any government you’ve had before. We will make it our priority to get your city, your province and this country working again.

DA March For Job2

John Moodey, the Gauteng Provincial Leader of the Democratic Alliance said the turn-out is overwhelming for the party planned for ten thousand but are now expecting over thirteen thousand.

According to him, “the society have indicated the willingness to match with us in solidarity with the millions of unemployed South Africans”

He told SABC that South Africa is “a nation that is crying out for hope and indeed looking for leadership that is accountable and that will take hold of the opportunities that South Africa is so pregnant with so that we can utilize those opportunities for the benefit of all South Africans, to give them a better future instead of just a few.”

So today, we march in solidarity with our brothers and sister, our family members who are destitute, who are unemployed and are still trapped in that poverty, in that poverty, in that slavery of unemployment and dignity that is lost. Today we march for dignity , today we match for a brighter south Africa and for a future in which all South Africans will be able to prosper, Moodey stated.

Below are some of the pictures from the march.

DA March For Job4

DA March For Job5

DA March For Job

DA March For Job6

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