Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong’s Real Age and All About Her Husband

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong (born on March 23, 1989) is a 35 year-old South African actress, businesswoman, and voice-over artist best recognized for playing the role of Dintle in Scandal!

Mapaseka is married to Nelson Nyokong, and their union is so far blessed with one child, a daughter named Nema. The couple owns and runs a restaurant together and is enjoying every bit of mixing business and pleasure.

The 35-Year-Old Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong was Born and Raised in Bloemfontein

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong was born on March 23, 1989, and raised in Bloemfontein, Orange, Free State. She attended Tsoseletso High School in Bloemfontein, and after high school, the 35-year-old celeb was already certain that she wanted to go into acting. So she went on to further her education at AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy. However, when she couldn’t cope with the fees, she transferred to City Varsity, earning an Acting for Camera qualification.

Although she never had the privilege of having rich parents, Mapaseka Koetle is successful in practically all her career and business ventures. She has been able to stay at the top of her game in her acting career and has also been able to manage her family properly.

She Started Showing Off Her Acting Talents As A Teenager

While in high school, when she was 13, the fun-loving and beautiful Mapaseka started showing interest in acting on stage. She would seek feedback and feel fulfilled whenever other students loved her stage performance. With time, people began to notice how talented she was, and she started getting invitations to play small roles in local productions.

After completing her studies at City Varsity, she was fortunate to get a lead role in a film produced by Andile Ncube titled Second Chances. In 2012, she landed the role of Lesedi in the hit play Show Off. She currently plays a role in the South African telenovela Scandal!, where she has consistently played the character of Dintle for seven years now.

She has stayed loyal to the Scandal production crew and has not done any other acting job since she came on board. This is quite different because although some actors and actresses actually stay on a particular telenovela for years, it is often more common for them to appear in several other productions in that time frame.

According to her, she loves the storyline the writers of the soapie give her, and she also enjoys playing the role of the manipulative, money-loving, and stubborn Dintle. And since she loves her role, staying in the soap opera is a good idea.

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong Is Happily Married To Nelson Nyokong

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong’s marital life is an important aspect of her life, and she keeps it as discrete as possible.

The actress is married to Nelson Nyokong, and their union is blessed with one child, a daughter named Nema – born in September 2016.

The actress, who made it to Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, is also successful in her marriage. Unlike other celebrities, Mapaseka does not share photos of her husband on social media. However, she does not deny that she is a happily married woman who holds her family in high esteem. According to her, irrespective of how busy she may be, she tries to create time for her family.


In an interview with Drum, the beautiful actress said she thought she was going to be a strict mother just like her own mother was, but she has realized that on the contrary, she is soft with her daughter.

Although she doesn’t share pictures of her husband, she frequently shares pictures of her beautiful daughter.

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong And Her Husband Started A Restaurant Together

Mapaseka and her husband fell in love with the South African franchise ‘Gorge’ when she gave birth and had to order breakfast and lunch from the restaurant. Although her husband had a background in the restaurant business and always wanted to own one, they never knew that they would become the owners of a Gorge franchise one day.

However, they found out that Gorge was selling a franchise (a coffee shop) and decided to buy it since her husband had always wanted to have a restaurant. Since January 2018, both of them started running the business, which has been successful to date. She says she owes the business’s success to the closeness of the coffee shop to Gautrain Sandton station.

According to Mapaseka Koetle, running a business alongside her acting career has not been easy because a restaurant business needs someone who will always be present. Sometimes, she needs to be on set. Thankfully, her husband can work from anywhere and often helps manage the restaurant when she needs to run.

She Has Managed To Run Her Home, Business, And Career Perfectly

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong told Drum that managing her business career and family has not been easy, especially in 2018 when they opened the restaurant. She said it was tough to make out time for her husband and family as a whole. In a bid to maintain a family bond and unwind from all the stress and hustle, her husband likes them to visit a resort for a few days.

This was a good move for the family as it allowed them time to be together as a couple and catch up in lost times spent on work. Also, her family regularly makes out time to visit her mother, who lives at Bloemfontein, and from time to time, her mother also does the visiting.

Considering how united Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong’s family seems to be, you may be surprised to know that she is a product of a broken home. She was only seven years old when her parents got separated, and she admits that at some point, everyone felt the absence of their father but had no other option but to move on with life.

On a personal note, she tries to imagine what it would have been like to have her father around, but her mother did all she could to ensure that her child got the best she could afford. As such, she was also determined not to disappoint her mum, who was already bragging about her.

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