Mantashe Warns Against Rushing Into Impeachment As SA Awaits ANC Decision


Following the judgement passed by the Constitutional Court on President Jacob Zuma, the Secretary General of the African National Congress (ANC) Gwede Mantashe warns that the party can’t rush into any decision at the moment. The ANC top 6 officials are presently deliberating on the matter behind closed doors.

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There has been incessant urges from different groups and individuals pushing the ANC to put the interest of the nation first and impeach Zuma.

Speaking at Luthuli House after the court ruling, Mantashe said the ANC is pleased with the role of the Constitutional Court in the nation. He confessed that the judgement passed by 11 judges in the court threw more light on the controversial Nkandla fiasco.

The ANC secretary general expressed the party’s acceptance and respects towards today’s ruling. He also pointed out that the party may however hold an urgent national executive committee summit to discuss the matter further and then make decisions.

However, Mantashe made it clear that impeaching President Jacob Zuma is not a decision that can be rushed into to avoid chaos in the nation. He said;

“It will not be in the interest either of the opposition itself or the ANC to just rush into such decisions, because you have the appetite of just hacking the ANC.”

Meanwhile, ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has confirmed that ANC top 6 officials met on Thursday night after the ruling to discuss the judgment handed down by the Constitutional Court earlier in the day. But the meeting is not yet over as they are expected to continue today.

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Speaking on Friday, Zizi Kodwa said;

“They met yesterday and they will again today.”

Kodwa concluded that the outcome of the meetings with the ANC top 6 will be revealed to the general public once they conclude on the matters arising.

The ANC top 6 closed door meeting is holding at President Jacob Zuma’s private residence in Pretoria.

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