Mantashe Desbcribes Recent ANC Resignations As Promotions


The Secretary General of the ANC Gwede Mantashe says former party chief whip Stone Sizani’s recent resignation and appointment as SA’s Ambassador to Germany is, in fact, a promotion.

Gwede Mantashe described Sizani’s resignation as a promotion and on the other hand, Khoza just shifted his position to an MEC’s office.

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Mantashe was at the Bree Taxi Rank in the Johannesburg CBD yesterday, where he was conducting a sensitization in order to encourage commuters to make themselves eligible to vote by making sure they are registered appropriately.

During the walkabout, Mantashe seized the opportunity to comment on the recent resignations in ANC that involved the party’s chief whip Stone Sizani and the party’s spokesperson Keith Khoza. Some of the commuters also used the opportunity to express some of their basic needs and what they expect from the government such as proper housing

Mantashe was of the opinion that the party did not suffer any loss through the resignations rather they are growing stronger by the day. Besides the comrades who resigned are moving to higher places still serving the country.

“Keith is going to work with Paul Mashatile. Do you call that a resignation? He left the office to go and work with Paul who has been recalled to work as an MEC. Is that a loss to the ANC?” he asked.

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Mantashe says the ANC is still going strong and the members of the ruling party are not in anyway dissatisfied with what is happening around them.

“Stone Sizani is asked to go and be an ambassador in a senior diplomatic post which is a promotion by the way.”

Both party members surprisingly resigned within one week with opposition parties predicting more resignations to emerge from the ANC.

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