Mantashe Defends Party Over Zuma & Corruption In #ANCLiveChat


Through a live chat tagged #ANCLiveChat, ANC’s secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has defended the party over a number of alleged corrupt practices perpetrated by President Zuma alongside other party members

Addressing series of questions thrown at him at the during a live question and answer session on social media, Mantashe responded to questions relating to president Zuma’s alleged use of taxpayer cash at Nkandla and the growing rumor about Hawks investigation of the Finance Minster Pravin Gordhan.

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Based on the sprawling call for the party to withdraw president Zuma from office following the constitutional ruling against him for using tax payers money, the ANC’s secretary-General replied via the #ANCLiveChat that there are no grounds for recalling President Zuma.

Intensifying their questions about corruption and the role of the Zuma led government in tacking it, Marc Wegerif @MarcWegerif asked “ANC Manifesto says u will intensify fight against fraud & corruption. How can I take that serious when u defend Accused No1?”

To this, Mantashe responded: “We don’t have an Accused Number 1. Fighting crime & corruption is not a narrative but action”.

“We must have confidence in our courts when they give rulings”he added, reiterating that the ANC and the president are willing to abide by the court verdict on repaying some of the funds spent on his private homestead.

Addressing the question about measures taken by the  ANC  to wipe out corrupt practices by Councillors in municipalities, Mantashe said  “Corruption must be tackled by communities. If a Councillor is corrupt‚ every citizen can report that to law enforcement agencies‚” the ANC SG said.

Mantashe’s reply generated more comments mostly by those who were not comfortable with it.

The questions include: “Shouldn’t you start at the top? i.e. stop shielding Zuma from being prosecuted?” — Outside Founder [email protected]

“Why don’t u start setting an example 4 zuma to be tried by court of law whether is corrupt or not?” — Stugie Pitso [email protected]

“And then the ANC will protect that councillor. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?!” — Felix [email protected]–citizen–no1.

However, Mantashe told ANC supporters they had a choice of voting in new leadership in 2017 when the party elections were held.

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About the finance minister Pravin Gordha’s alleged ‘espionage’ case filled against him by the Hawks, questions were raised demanding for the minister to apologize but Mantashe relied in a more categorical manner that ‘Pravin is not charged’.

The #ANCLiveChat is a media platform where the ANC leaders address questions relating the party and its affairs with the government.

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