Mantashe’s Reply To Soweto Residents Who Have Waited 22 years For Houses Will Shock You


Residents of Tshepisong informal settlement in Soweto, who have been asking for houses for years, have been encouraged to give the government some time to fix their housing problems.

Replying a question by a local resident Olga Khenyane on Friday, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe assured her that the government will surely take them out from the shacks but that it will take a little time. when they were going to get houses.

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Khenyane, who has spent 20 years of her life in a shack told Mantashe that she is seriously fed up with shacks and needs a house. She lamented that several government officials had promised to build them houses but failed to do so.

“Si diniwe nge mekhukhu. (We are fed up with shacks),” she told Mantashe.

Consoling the resident, Mantashe explained that development will soon catch up with Tshepisong informal settlement. He implored her to be patient with the Zuma-led government because “patience is a virtue.”

He said the ANC has only been in power for 22 years and that it wasn’t long enough to sort everything out.

“Twenty years is too short. ANC is 100 years and has only been in government for 22 years. We spent 83 years fighting for people’s liberation… patience is a virtue,” he said.

Gwede Mantashe was in the area to drum up support for the upcoming ANC 105th birthday bash. The birthday party is scheduled to hold the Orlando Stadium on Sunday, January 8.

Meanwhile, emerging reports had it that celebrations have begun on the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto ahead of the birthday bash. All roads within the area are said to have been blocked by the metro police.

Street vendors are also not left out as they were spotted setting up stalls along the entire stretch of road, trying to maximize benefits from the celebrations.

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Members of the public, most dressed in ANC regalia were seen taking photos with the ANC’s leaders who have been walking about the streets of Soweto.

The bash will also host all the structures of the ANC and past presidents’ family members, including Brics member countries and other embassies.

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