Mantashe Blames ANC Integrity Commission For Failing To Act On Zuma


South Africans are dissatisfied with the ANC for so many reasons and they are somehow, almost all about President Zuma. From spy tapes to Nkandla, state capture, and the fragile economy, the Zuma name is involved.

To that end, it’s not surprising that many respectable South Africans have demanded of Mr President to be honourable and resign.

Zuma has made it clear that he wouldn’t just walk away. Some guys got him to lead the nation, there are processes and it’s up to the ANC NEC to decide if he falls or stays.

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Of late, those agitating for Zuma’s removal started embracing the sentiment that it’s not alright for Mr Zuma to fall alone. The entire ANC NEC ought to fall with him for they’ve persistently ignored Zuma’s negativities, they expressed.

Now, some of these guys unhappy with the ANC NEC unwillingness to act against Zuma are members of the ANC integrity commission.

Interestingly, the integrity commission was commissioned with the power to independently act against ANC members who’s ruining the reputation of the ruling party.

They have the empowerment to hold Mr Zuma responsible for whatsoever he’s done that’s weakening ANC’s support. So far, the best they’ve done is to publicly rebuke Mr President, or complain to the media about the NEC’s unwillingness to act against Zuma.

ANC’s secretary general is now fed up with the integrity commission’s attitude. He thinks it’s up to the commission to initiate the process that will facilitate Zuma’s recalling.

He insinuated that the commission is akin to a toothless bulldog as he pointed out that it failed to call Zuma to account even after the top court ruled that he violated the Constitution in the way he handled the Public Protector’s recommendations on the Nkandla upgrades.

“The president never refused to appear before the integrity commission, because they never called him,” Mantashe stated.

“If there are people calling on the president to step down, they are talking to him. If there are people saying we must recall him, that is different, we have processes,” he indicated.

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The ANC secretary general related that a special congress is needed to recall the President. And, at least five provinces or the NEC have to demand such a congress.

Mantashe stressed that the processes above must be followed if Zuma is to be recalled. Without that, those calling on the president to step down are merely appealing to Zuma’s conscience, Mantashe indicated.

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