Buthelezi Laments How Corruption Under ANC Is Eating Deep Into Government


Addressing an IFP election campaign rally in Daggafontein, Mpumalanga on Sunday‚ Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi said that the ANC allowed corruption to eat deep into government over the years.

Corruption has penetrated every level of government, making poverty‚ unemployment‚ crime and poor service delivery the other of the day in the provinces.

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He lamented that South Africans should have been much further in the journey away from these problems‚ considering that they have lived under a democracy for 22 years. But those tasked with governing South Africa‚ and administering the democracy‚ have failed to do their part well.

“Over the years‚ they let corruption seep into governance so that now it pervades every level of government‚ from national departments‚ to provincial and local government‚” the IFP leader said.

“When we first began to see the evidence of corruption in the ruling party‚ some leaders were honest about it. President Mandela himself spoke to international journalists and lamented (and I quote): ‘Little did we suspect that our own people‚ when they got a chance‚ would be as corrupt as the apartheid regime. That is one of the things that has really hurt us.’

IFP leader emphasized that two decades after democracy‚ the corruption surrounding the ruling party is so much that even their own members don’t trust the President. Adding that scandals were now their way of life.

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“Yet under this kind of leadership‚ the message is clear that abuse of power‚ fraud‚ self-enrichment and laziness will all go unchallenged. The door has been opened to corrupt and greedy officials at every level.”

Mangosuthu Buthelezi reminded the citizens that the President of South Africa under the ANC has a good number of corruption charges hanging over his head and they are yet to be tried in a court of law.