Mango Airlines Contact Number And Other Details For Reaching Their Call Center

Any business that deals directly with the public needs a good customer service system that provides information on demand to their customers and airlines are not excluded. There are several reasons why an airline customer may need the services of a customer service agent. An example is when there’s a need to postpone your flight or you are trying to know the cost of traveling to a particular destination.

Mango Airlines SOC Ltd, a subsidiary of South African Airlines (SAA), has not just made it possible for their customers to reach them, but they have also made the process of contacting a customer care agent easy, diverse, and specific. There is a contact detail to reach an agent, depending on your unique need.

Mango Airlines Was Founded On The 30th Of October 2006

The total ownership of shares at Mango Airlines belongs to South African Airlines, this indirectly means that Mango Airlines is government-owned as South African Airlines is an agency of the South African government.

The airline was launched on the 30th of October 2006 and began operations immediately. They did not waste any time to start selling tickets as bookings for the first flight began at midnight that same day. Two weeks later, the first official flight took place on the 15th of November 2006.

Mango Airlines currently travels to 7 South African destinations and one international destination, which is Tanzania, where it lands at Zanzibar International Airport. Since its inception in 2006, the fleet size has grown to 14 and it is an employer of over 500 staff. They have their headquarters at OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

Unfortunately, the airline was grounded on April 28, 2021, and its flights were suspended as a result of the debt they owe the Airports Company of South Africa. What this means is that no Mango aircraft is permitted to either land or depart from any airport under the Airports Company of South Africa. Mango Airlines has sent a letter of apology to the Airports Company of South Africa and efforts to lift the suspension is being put in place.

How To Contact a Mango Airlines Customer Service Agent

There are a variety of methods to reach out to Mango Airlines customer agents. To make the process easy for you, it is best that you contact the number or email address that has been designated specifically to the need you have.

To help you find these different contact numbers or email addresses, we have a detailed list of all the different numbers and e-mail addresses to help you easily identify the one you need.

Contact A Mango Airlines Call Center

To contact the Mango call center anywhere in South Africa, simply call 086 100 1234. Those outside South Africa can call JNB: +27 (11) 086 6100 or CPT: +27 (21) 815 4100 or simply send a mail to [email protected].

For Enquiries Regarding Flight Schedule Changes

In a situation where you want to reschedule your flight or confirm schedule changes, the fastest means of reaching the customer care agents will be by putting a call through to the airline. You can reach Mango Airlines directly via the ‘Mango Flight Reschedule Changes’ contact number on 086 101 0216.

Mango Airlines Contact Number For Money Refund

If you need to contact customer care with regards to flight payment refunds, then call the Mango Refunds Call Center directly on 086 101 0211 from anywhere in South Africa.

If it is not so urgent and you can wait for few minutes, hours or days before getting a response, then you can send a mail via [email protected].

How To Contact Mango Airlines For Group Booking

Just like FlySafair, Mango Airlines also allows you to book travel tickets for a group. To make inquiries about how this works, what discount the airlines may be willing to give, and when the next available flight that can accommodate all of you in the group is scheduled for, you can contact Mango Airlines Group Booking Customers Service on 086 101 0003.

Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]. The email should contain all your questions and requests in a readable format to make it easier for the customer care agent to give you the appropriate response.

How Do I Contact Mango Airlines Head Office Reception?

If you want to reach the Mango Airlines head office reception and you are currently in South Africa, simply call 086 101 0217. International callers can reach the reception through the following numbers JNB: +27 11 086 6100; CPT: +27 21 815 4100.

Other Mango Airlines Customer Agent Contact Details

Here is a list of other contact details you may also need to reach out to the airline:

Need/Request Contact Number Contact E-mail
Mango National Baggage Line 086 172 7522
Mango Medicals 086 101 0214 [email protected]
Mango Corporate Help Desk 086 101 0210
Guest Care 086 101 0002 [email protected]
Travel Agent Help Desk 086 101 0210
Mango Spokesperson and Communications [email protected]

You Can Also Contact Mango Airlines Through Their Social Media Platforms

Another easy method of making inquiries from Mango Airlines is by directly messaging them on their social media accounts –  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – and following the account for any recent update.

For Instagram

To reach Mango Airlines on Instagram:

  • Launch your Instagram app.
  • Tap on the Search icon.
  • Search for @flymangosa.
  • Tap on the blue Follow button.
  • You can now contact them by direct messaging or using the contact button.

You Can Contact Them On Facebook

Mango Airlines is also on Facebook to make it easier for you to reach them. To contact the airline via Facebook, follow the procedures below:

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Search for ‘Mango Airlines’.
  • Follow the page.
  • Use the messenger or call icon on the page to contact a customer care agent from Mango Airlines.

You Can Contact The Airline Via The Post Office

Another great means of reaching the airline is through the Post Office, but unlike other methods, it is offline and may require more time and money. You can send your inquiry to P.O. Box 1273, OR Tambo International Airport 1627.

Contact Mango Airlines Directly At Their Office

If you are nearby or do not mind sparing a little time to visit the headquarters directly, or you may have used other online methods of reaching the airline and do not like the responses you received, then you can visit them yourself at Mezzanine Level, Domestic Departure Terminal, OR Tambo International Airport.

Here you can have a one-on-one talk with a customer service agent.

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