Mandoza’s Children To Take His Spot At Brown Dash Tribute Concert


In the bid to pay tribute to their late kwaito star father, Mandoza’s children have decided to perform on his behalf at an upcoming Brown Dash Tribute Concert.

Prior to Mandoza’s death in September, the star was set to headline the concert. As a result, the concert was postponed to allow the entertainment industry to mourn the icon. The concert will now be held weekend (December 3)‚ and Mandoza’s children will be taking his spot on stage.

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Mandoza’s wife‚ Mpho told Sunday Sun that her sons are very excited about the event. Apparently, they are doing everything they can to keep their father’s fire burning.

Mpho said:

“The boys approached me to say they want to fill their dad’s place since he was scheduled to perform at the Brown Dash Tribute Concert. They’re excited to be part of the line-up… The kids don’t want to see their dad’s legacy die.”

And even more exciting is the fact that Mpho said she got a hint that Brown Dash’s kids will join her children on stage for the special performance.

A few days before his painful death in September, kwaito star Mandoza wowed his fans for the last time at the Thank You SABC Concert.

The singer, having been battling brain cancer, gathered his last strength to perform at the concert. Though reports say his condition was critical, he stormed the concert in style.

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Mandoza was escorted into the near-empty venue by an entourage including his wife Mpho, their two sons, his mother and his friend and former band mate from Chiskop; General, all wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Mandoza Forever/Ase Mang le Mang”.

Notably, the disease had taken its toll on the once vibrant musician. Thus, his wife and friend supported him on both sides to ensure he doesn’t fall.