Mandla Mandela Wants Leaders To Bring Mandela Back To Life


Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela has joined in the clarion call for leaders in various public offices of the state to renew their covenant to put South Africans first in all their doings.

Speaking on Tuesday, at the 22nd anniversary of the inauguration of his grandfather Nelson Mandela as SA’s first democratically elected President, Mandela said public leaders ought to trace back the promises their made at the beginning of their service to the country and make necessary changes.

“As bearers of public office we must do everything in our ability to continue building confidence‚ increase our commitment to serving our people and ensure that we never lose sight of the goals of our democratic revolution to build a united‚ just‚ and peaceful South Africa where all can enjoy prosperity. He said

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Mandla Mandela further added that though the country has made series of progress and achievements over the past 22 years, the country is still confronted by immense challenges “including the emerging of the ugly head of racism‚ poverty‚ unemployment and corruption”

He therefore told leaders to still be aware of their responsibility to both the present and future generations to ensure that thew people are free from various forms oppression.

“We must ensure that ‘never‚ never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world’‚” Mandla said‚ recalling the words of his famous grandfather.

He added that this was a particularly painful reminder as millions of South Africans still suffered economic oppression as the country continued to wage the struggle for economic transformation.

“Let us renew the commitment to spread hope and keep alive the dream of a rainbow nation. Let us rededicate ourselves to serving our people in whatever way is required at this critical junction in the life of our nation.

“Let history not judge us for our failures‚ let it be a celebration of our success‚ triumph and unfaltering determination to always do our very best. The sun has not risen on a more historic occasion than the birth of our nation and the rekindling of hope for millions of our people. We dare not fail our oath of covenant to serve our people‚” Mandla Mandela said.

Related to Mandela’s speech is that of former president Thabo Mbeki who called on members of the ruling party to  desist from lying to themselves and the people they lead.

Mbeki who was speaking at the 20th anniversary of the constitution in Freedom Park,  called on leaders in The ANC to understand and defend the constitution at all times.

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Mbeki questioned the role of civil society and the lack of activism in the defence of the constitution saying civil society was unfamiliar with the constitution and that it was clear that there was a lot of restlessness and disaffection in the country.

“I think that if there was a better familiarity with the Constitution then you would have a bigger social intervention in defence of the constitution against whatever negative is being done,” Mbeki added.

The words of both Mbeki and Madla Mandela echoes numerous other words from well meaning citizens of South Africa who are not happy with the changes fast overtaking the country. All hope for a better improvement public office holders down to the ordinary South Africans.

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