ANCWL Fights Cannibalism After Uncle Killed And Ate His Nephew


The ANC Women League (ANCWL) will intensify its Molo makhelwane programs to fight cannibalism and ensure the safety of communities.

This follows the report of a South African uncle, Mandisi Gwanya (30), who slaughtered, cooked and ate his four-year-old nephew.

Yeah, it happened! The youngster, Kamvelihle Ngala was nowhere to be found after he went to play with his friends in KwaNtsila village, Eastern Cape.

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Ngala’s grandmother, Nontuthuezelo Gwanya (70) started a search for her boy and was directed by her sister to check her son’s house. When she approached the accused (her nephew) house, he refused to let her in.

Gwanya had to force the door open. She did and was excessively shocked by what she saw.

The scene Gwanya met was likened to a slaughter house. “I thought a pig had been slaughtered. There was so much blood and then I saw the hand of my small boy and pieces of meat,” Gwanya narrated.

Adding that the accused informed her that he ate the child’s flesh, the grandmother wailed that she last saw her boy when he finished eating and asked for her permission to go play.

“…When I agreed he left joyfully to join his friends. He was such a happy soul, high-spirited and was brighter and mature for his age.

“Kamve has been staying with me since he was three months because his mother was still at school.

“He did not deserve to die like that, especially at the hands of a family member who was supposed to protect and love him. Kamve was everything to me. I am devastated,” lamented the heart-broken grandmum.

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Speaking for the victim’s family, Nosidima Xakana further narrated that there was blood everywhere when Ngala’s grandmother broke into Mandisi Gwanya’s house.

“The body of Kamve was on the floor cut to pieces. It was a scene like when one slaughters a sheep for a ritual. The body was carefully skinned and so was the skull which was away from the child’s body.

He told the villagers and police he drank Kamve’s blood and ate his heart and brains. The skull was clean with eyes gouged out and skin taken away. This was like slaughtering sheep or goat for a ritual. A liver was in another dish with one hand”

When the police arrived, they arrested Mandisi Gwanya and recovered many body parts.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the suspect was recently released from prison after he served seven years sentence for murder.

Already, Mandisi Gwanya has appeared before Ports St Johns Magistrate’s court. He was denied bail and the case postponed to 2nd May.