Mandela’s Grandson Speaks On ARAF’s Criminal Charges; Says It Will Plunge The Country Into Chaos


Mandela‘s eldest grandson, Chief Mandla Mandela has raised alarm against the criminal charges that was laid against former president FW de Klerk and former minister of law and order Adriaan Vlok. He said the charges undermine the work of he Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

A little-known group called the Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF) has earlier announced that it was laying a count 22 charges against De Klerk and Vlok for crimes committed against black people for which they didn’t get amnesty at the TRC.

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Reacting to this, Chief Mandela said on Thursday, that the charges were “opportunistic‚ contrary to the spirit of national reconciliation and an attack on the very edifice that underpins our democracy”.

“It is inconceivable that any sane-minded person would seek to unravel the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and its process of restorative justice.

“It was this commission that enabled us to move from the precipice of civil war‚ to step beyond the divisive ravages of apartheid‚ and to evade the reactionaries who were hell-bent on destroying our democracy at its very dawn‚” he added.

More to this, Mandela said the country ought to unite against “rear-guard revolutionaries” who are determined to drag all the hard-earned gains the country has undergone in the last two decades of democracy.

“As a nation we should unite against rear-guard revolutionaries who seek to undo the hard-earned gains of two decades of democracy.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa protects our entire nation‚ and especially our minorities. We have worked hard to build a climate in which we can say that South Africa belongs to all‚ and a society in which all are free to express the diversity of our rainbow nation.

“The recent incidents of racism provide sufficient motivation for us as a nation to stand together and avoid the polarization of our society that can only serve to fuel hatred‚ social discord and a slide back towards the abyss of civil unrest‚ chaos and erosion of social cohesion‚” Mandela said.

In his conclusive remark, Mandela charged that the criminal charges raised by the ARAF are disastrous as it will only plunge the country into chaos which will be difficult to resolve. “Racism has no place in our society‚ and nor do those who seek to dig up the ghosts of our past and contribute to instability‚ the breakdown of trust and promotion of civil unrest.” he said.

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