Mandela’s Grandson Calls For A Debate On The Brand Of Soap To Best Wash Malema’s Mouth


We recently reported that Julius Malema, during his address to students at the Oxford Union in the United Kingdom, “blasphemously” stated that “The Nelson We Celebrate Now is a Stage-managed Mandela.” Like expected, the EFF leader was heavily rebuked for the comments he made about the late Nobel Peace Prize winner. That was when Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela commented that

“Malema’s rant about Madiba selling out the Freedom Charter is ridiculous in the light of he and his cronies in the EFF having shown disdain for everything that the Freedom Charter stands for.”

He further stated that Juju is “bereft of culture‚ knowledge and wisdom‚ yet he is intent on making parliament ungovernable‚ assaulting the legacy of our heroes and icons‚ rubbishing our democracy and driving business from our shores.” 

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In response to the adverse criticism Malema was getting for his comment about Mandela, the EFF leader stated that he doesn’t belong to a religion called Mandela, arguing that the people never received their land under Mandela, and even challenged the grandson to a public debate on the legacy of Nelson Mandela. According to Malema, the “small boy” can “take me on everything I said about Nelson Mandel.”

Responding, Times Live reported that Mandla Mandela related that we wouldn’t give Malema the opportunity he ceaselessly search for to attract attention at the cost of the country’s reputation. He explained that his granddad won many prestigious international awards, was made honorary citizen of dozens of the world’s major cities, and received honorary degrees from the most prestigious universities across the world.

As such, it’s unnecessary and meaningless to debate the legacy of such a man with Malema who’s in effect saying that “all of these countries‚ and all of the members of all of the committees responsible for awarding all the honors‚ were wrong‚ while he is right. He, alone‚ understands that Nkosi Dalibhunga deserved none of these honors because he was guilty of selling out his principles and his people. “

The Mvezo Chief added that the EFF leader is like “the child in the playground who goes around pulling girls’ hair and kicking away soccer balls…He is the one always pushing into the queue. The class show-off. Who never does his homework.”

“He insults me by questioning my integrity‚ when my work with the Mvezo Traditional Council is a matter of public record. If he read the newspapers he would know…about the museum we have built‚ and about the road we fought for to improve access for our villagers to the outside world…He insults me and my grandfather‚ and now he wants to have a debate. I will not create platforms for his publicity-seeking. If Malema wants a debate, he should apologize for his poor behavior‚ read books‚ improve his argument and stop destroying confidence in our country.”

Mandla however has a better idea for the debate request as he stated that

“the only debate presently worth having is over what brand of soap would best wash out his [Malema] mouth.”

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