Mandela Sold South Africa’s Soul To The Devil – Angel Ministries


It’s obvious that certain individuals are out to destroy Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Mandela was almost worshiped when he was alive, all the things said about him then, were great. Now the hero is no-more and the story about his person is steadily becoming unpleasant to such extent many are scared the later generation narrative about Mandela will be something like “he’s a con man who ruined a nation and won the Nobel Peace Prize” for it.

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Banele Mancoba, one of the seven brothers of the Angel Ministries located at Ngcobo in Eastern Cape said South Africa is troubled because Mandela sold the nation’s soul to the devil.

This happened in Port Elizabeth where Mancoba was queried by the Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Rights Commission about allegations that the Angel Ministries is abusing South Africans with their religious practices.

According to Mancoba, “the devil has taken over” our schools and “the devil was allowed by Nelson Mandela Rholihlahla.” The Angel Ministries brother as such, called on “children not to go to schools because the devil has taken over schools.”

If you’re wondering what gave Mancoba the audacity to demand students quit school, you should know he’s an angel. As addressed himself and the other  brothers as “angels who sit on the Father’s right hand”.

“Mandela was enforcing that children be sent to school when he knew very well that he had sacrificed them,” the brother went on, disclosing that they are super-humans who were sent to earth to stop South Africans from going to school and to disregard the constitution.

“The devil breathed on the constitution…the South African constitution and education are dead. People must not listen to the constitution because it is driven by the devil. It is the devil’s spirit…The South African constitution allows men to marry each other. We have come to Earth to fix these things.”

Preposterous right? Anyway, all those talking ill of Mandela shouldn’t forget that he stood and suffered for togetherness, love, unity, fairness, forgiveness, progress, freedom and everything good.

Recently, Ntsiki Mazwai talked ill of late Mandela saying among other things, that he’s not a hero, but a bitter chauvinist who was wrongly chosen to lead South Africa.

Her reason? Mandela didn’t treat Winnie right in his will. “I resent Madiba because of what he did to Winnie. He was so bitter and wanted to humiliate her with (his) will. What an ungrateful bitter man…he (Mandela) was too bitter to give her a simple house…Says a lot about him,” the artist ranted. Read Here>>>>>‘Nelson Mandela Is’nt A Hero, But A Bitter Chauvinist’ – Ntsiki Mazwai

Before her however, the EFF lord was named in many news headlines after he addressed students at the Oxford union in the United Kingdom late last year and stated that “the Nelson we celebrate now is a stage-managed Mandela.”

According to Malema, Mandela turned against himself, betrayed black South Africans, and compromised the principles of the Freedom Charter.

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