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Nobel Peace Price. The EFF throughout the year demanded so many things, and have made certain comments that stirred a prolonged public dispute and debate. For instance, they once demanded the removal of “Die Stem” from the national anthem, they stormed our streets declaring that the days of white-dominated business are numbered and their leader, Julius Malema while addressing students at the Oxford union in the United Kingdom stated that “the Nelson we celebrate now is a stage managed Mandela“. 

Yet again, the Economic Freedom Fighters are demanding of the Noble Peace Prize committee to take back the Nobel Peace Prize former president FW de Klerk’s shares with Nelson Mandela, and re-issue it posthumously to Nelson Mandela. According to them, the former president’s stance on the quest for the removal of Rhodes’ statue at Oxford University has indicated that he does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

De Klerk recently wrote to The Times in the UK describing the student “Rhodes Must Fall In Oxford” movement as “folly”, arguing that “If the political correctness of today were applied consistently, very few of Oxford’s great figures would pass scrutiny….We do not commemorate historic figures for their ability to measure up to current conceptions of political correctness, but because of their actual impact on history,” De Klerk stressed.

Reacting to De Klerk’s comment, the EFF spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi stated that the EFF is disgusted by the former president’s opinion on the removal of the Rhodes’ statue. To Ndlozi, De Klerk’s defense of Rhodes’ was tantamount to saying it’s right to recognize Rhodes for being a colonialist.

By extension, it means De Klerk thinks there was a time when apartheid or colonization was politically correct, which renders his apologies for it futile. The only reason apartheid would not remove Cecil John Rhodes’ statue is because it shared the same ideas of anti-black racism, colonial expansionism and conquest as he did…These views must be considered as a withdrawal of his apology for apartheid since, for him, it was politically correct. The essence is, there is no system of anti-black racism and mass murder of black people that will ever be politically correct; it was wrong in the past, in the present and it will be in the future.

While Ndlozi declared the EFF support for students in Oxford University for their Rhodes Must Fall movement, he added that De Klerk’s recent views represent “his private ambitions to become a statue…De Klerk knows that if Rhodes can fall‚ then he as an apartheid leader and a person who thinks colonization was politically correct…will not be rewarded with a status of being a public statue.”

If De Klerk does not see the importance of the demand by Oxford students that Rhodes’ statue must be removed in the United Kingdom, then he does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize he received alongside Mandela… We therefore call on the Nobel Peace Prize committee to recall De Klerk’s award completely and re-issue it to Nelson Mandela posthumously as it is clear he should have never shared it with De Klerk in the first place.

Meanwhile, De Klerk’s office has defended Klerk’s statement regarding the #RhodesMustFall campaign accusing the EFF of stirring the racial pot. The former president’s spokesman Dave Steward said the EFF “lose no opportunity to stir the racial pot. This is how they believe that they will be able to win votes from the ANC…They want to expunge the impact that white South Africans have had on the development of South Africa and our constitution the development that all people have made to our country. They want to remove that to some kind of ghetto museum where they can further denigrate basically white people.”

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