Manaka Ranaka Defends Her Family’s Reality Show From Trolls


TV and radio personality and reality TV star Manaka Ranaka has made it clear to trolls that her family’s reality show The Ranakas is off limits.

While the debut was a fan favourite, the second season of the hit Mzansi Magic series has received a mixed reaction from viewers. According to some fans, the show which returned to the small screens last month appears to have lost its funny attribute and is less dramatic too. Again, some critics seem to think The Ranakas show does not have enough glamour.

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Speaking on the reactions, Manaka said she’s open to criticism from fans as long as it was constructive and the approach was appropriate.

“I’ve had a little bit of fun putting some people in their place. People often think they are the only ones that can be negative‚ but I taught a couple of ‘fans’ that I am very capable of stooping to their level to teach them a lesson. Most of them don’t know that we often don’t answer because we choose that option. It is not because we can’t do it when pushed.”

And to those looking for glamour on the show, she said;

“It wouldn’t be a reality show if we had to be ‘glamorous’ because that is our reality. It’s not who we are. We don’t lead ‘glamorous’ lives. People that love the show‚ love it because they can relate to us. I think it would be awkward if we created something that we are not; I mean we are in Leondale, not Dainfern. We have to stay true to who we are‚” she said.

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As far as reality shows are concerned, Mzansi Magic’s The Ranakas seems to be a trailblazer. The Ranaka family show rocked the internet and quickly topped the Twitter trends list when it finally made its TV debut earlier this year.