Man Cuts Off His Genitals After Cutting His Wife’s Breast On Valentine Eve


A Kenyan man has severed his manhood after allegedly attempting to cut off his wife’s breast too. Buzzsouthafrica gathered that the incidence took place on Saturday morning, just hours before Valentine day. Following the incidence, the couple had no choice than to spend the much-anticipated valentine day on hospital beds.

Reports say the 24-year-old Duncan Moseti, who had earlier suspected that his 20-year-old was having an affair with his brother, mounted on his wife while she was still asleep that fateful morning and tried to cut her breasts off.

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Residents of the community said the incident is really devastating and shocking because the couple had never fought or displayed any trace of domestic violence.

Moseti, who sells sugarcane accosted his wife on Friday evening and demanded explanation and clarification on whether she was having an affair with his brother or not. His wife, Margaret Achieng refuted the allegations. Little did she know that what she told Moseti did not go down well with him.

Recounting her ordeal while on her bed, the woman said, “He [Moseti] said he had reliable information that I was having an affair with his brother. He told me to leave him and get married to his brother since he was more financially stable, adding that he would do something that would make us all regret in our lives.”

“At around 3am, I woke up after I felt a sharp pain in my chest. On checking, I saw my husband cutting my breast using a knife. I pushed him away and screamed for help. He then threatened to kill our baby and chop off his private parts,” Achieng said.

Moseti’s brother was reported to have intervened when the couple’s voices rose high. After ensuring temporary peace, he left. Yet, Moseti refused to stay away from fomenting trouble.

However, what amazed members of Kiganjo village in Thika was that Moseti, who had failed to cut off his wife’s breast, decided to harm himself by chopping off his manhood during the eerie episode. Reports said after Achieng escaped his cuts, she ran to alert their neighbors and when they finally landed in the house, Moseti was seen covered with his own blood. He also flung his manhood through the window after doing justice to himself.

Lydia Mwikali, who is a resident of the community expressed disbelief about the incidence saying, “we were shocked by the act since they have lived in peace. There has never been any sign of domestic violence since they came here early this month.”

The couple had been married for two years and has only a baby.

Speaking to NTV, a doctor at Thika Level V hospital where the couple was receiving treatment said, “he chopped off his manhood completely. He is currently at the theatre undergoing reconstructive surgery.”

The doctor however said that Achieng has been responding to treatment but expressed fear that treating Moseti would be very arduous since his condition remains critical. However, the reconstructive surgery would enable him pass urine.

Gladys Wanjau, a senior nurse of Thika Level 5 Hospital Kenya, stated that: “His private parts cannot be re-attached back to their place since he took long to get medical attention from the time he chopped them off.”

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