Finding The Naked Truth Behind KZN Nudist Beach, All In Favour Say Aye!

“I am now tasked with resolving the dispute over the designation of a nudist beach in KwaZulu-Natal. The participants must be fully clothed,” Deputy Public Protector Kevin Malunga tweeted on Monday.

The office of the Public Protector is out to unveil the already ‘naked truth’ during the hearing on KwaZulu-Natal’s first legal nudist beach.

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Malunga’s post attracted comments wishing him luck with “uncovering the bare facts”.

The “unusual nature of the matter” prompted Malunga’s light-hearted tweet.

“The matter will be heard on August 22 and it is not open to the public. Last week the KwaZulu-Natal team was expected to conduct an inspection at the beach to gather information ahead of the hearing,” he said.

The hearing follows an allegation brought forward by the Concerned Citizens Group to the public protector. The citizens were dissatisfied with the way the SA National Naturists Association’s application was dealt with.

Apparently, the group sought permission to declare the 250m sandy stretch near Mpenjati Nature Reserve a legal nudist beach.

The Concerned Citizens Group’s chairman, Reverend Mike Effanga, reportedly represents 30 churches and thousands of church members in towns along the province’s South Coast.

Effanga lamented that the municipality had failed to consult communities that would be affected by the decision to institute a nudist beach.

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The first public hearing for the matter which took place at Trafalgar in 2014, saw divided opinions between residents. While some opposed to “drooping boobs and buttocks” on their beach, others  proposed for a ‘show what your mama gave ya’ time at the beach.

At the unofficial opening of the KZN nudist beach, more than 100 naturists turned deaf ears to threats of arrest from angry residents as they bared it all.