I’m Not Dying, I Don’t Have Diabetes Nor HIV/AIDs, Malema Assures Supporters


Malema’s weight loss has nothing to do with being ill. The Fighters’ Chief Commander said he’s shedding weight because Mandela told him it’s a requirement to lead South African Youths.

His weight loss he said, doesn’t have anything to do with being diabetic nor being HIV positive.

Thus, Juju asserted that he isn’t bothered by the speculations that he’s sick and dying. He added that he’s willing to undergo a public medical examination to establish the fact that he’s healthy.

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At an EFF business gala dinner in Limpopo, Malema told the EFF gathering that he’s stronger and healthier than ever. As such, he admonished them not to worry about him getting thinner.  

According to Juju, he’s given up alcohol, sugar and other unhealthy consumption.

He said: “I am not sick. I am just looking after myself. I can take any test publicly anywhere, from Aids to sugar diabetes. There is no problem. Even the manhood is still working.”

SA Don’t Need An Obese Society

Meanwhile, Malema told DJ Gareth Cliff recently that Nelson Mandela inspired him to lose weight. Due to that, he indicated that he won’t pay mind to the insinuations that he’s been plagued by some deadly infirmity.

“I don’t get annoyed because it comes with public life.

…People will look at what you wear, at how you walk, how you speak, if you gain weight (and) if you lose weight.

They were talking when I was big. They are talking now that I’m losing weight, it’s good. We don’t need an obese society. Losing weight is a good thing because we need to inspire our society.

We don’t need an obese society and we in leadership positions should try by all means to live a healthy lifestyle to inspire a younger generation. It’s not good to create the impression that obesity is a fashionable thing. It comes with a lot of health risks,” Malema told DJ Cliff.

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Thereafter, Malema narrated his encounter with Mandela.

“I had an opportunity to eat lunch with Madiba one day,” he said. “He said to me – ‘if you want to lead our youth and society, you’re going to have to lose some weight. You can’t lead our people looking like this.”

Malema said he’ll continue to respect Mandela’s advice and ignore the negativeness surrounding it.