‘Malema’s Bravery Is Stronger Than 10 Million Armies’ – EFF


He’s one guy you don’t want to mess with, he’s ‘the rising lion of the North’ and wouldn’t tuck his tails in-between his legs and run off when he’s intimidated. Malema’s bravery is stronger than 10 million Armies says the EFF.

The party issued a statement where it warned those intending to intimidate its Commander-in-Chief to back off as they cannot subdue him. Malema’s bravery  “is stronger than 10 million armies”, they warned and described their leader as a generational gift to the country, Africa and world at large.

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The Fighters responding to the police harassment of their leader, said the enemy shouldn’t think that harassing their lord will subdue him and the EFF.

“We want to send a strong message to them that we are unshaken and declare that their days in government are numbered. The spirit of the people of South Africa is awaken for good and no amount of security threats, particularly using the venomous, blood thirsty security forces, will ever silence it.”

According to them, the regime has resorted to violence as their criminal charges and SARS cases were not successful to subdue Malema – the rising Lion of the North. They argued that the “relentless, brave and uncompromising fight” that Malema has sustained is why “the enemy is going for his security, physically seeking to subdue him into fear.”

Thus, the party called on South Africans and the world to observe that the regime is turning violent. And vowed to keep both informed on every incident of the violent disposition.

“We shall keep them updates on each and every incident, because they must know the conditions we are operating under. We wish to also reiterate that we shall stop at nothing to defend our constitution. We are prepared to defend it, using whatever revolutionary means possible, we are not scared.

If the people of South Africa can take the murderous apartheid regime down, this zombified, kleptocratic government is nothing (sic),” charged the EFF.

Iterating that the police harassment incident is a clear act of intimidation and demonstration that the enemy is following Julius Malema around. The party related what transpired as highlighted below.

Julius Malema, was stopped by a white unmarked van just by the Grayston drive offramp in Sandton & immediately surrounded by plus/minus 10 police cars. The police then all came out pointing guns at his car and forced him out. The entire intersection at the Grayston Drive offramp was blocked, isolating him from the rest of the traffic.

The CIC Julius Malema got out and the police all did nothing, claiming it was a mistake. He forced his way around the police cars, driving over the pavements and drove off.

Anyone trying to intimidate the EFF and Juju is asking for trouble, and Malema’s bravery will satisfy the desire for trouble, EFF emphasized.

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