Malema Will Return To ANC After Zuma Is Gone – Analyst


The SA coalition process gives an undeniable proof that the ruling ANC still needs its once rejected member Julius Malema, who has now become a party leader as well as a torn in its flesh.

EFF leader, Julius Malema has since his dismissal from the ruling party, vowed to put to a lasting end to the existence of ANC particularly the party leader, Jacob Zuma.

However, a political analyst believes that Malema would return to the ANC after President Jacob Zuma is gone.

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Political analyst professor Andre Duvenhage said, considering the outcome of the coalition talks between the ANC and the EFF, that EFF’s announcement that it has not entered into coalition agreements is a sign that its leader, Julius Malema, is holding the ANC, to ransom.

He said EFF’s announcement shows that there was a strategic agreement between the party and the ruling ANC and that the EFF’s refusal to align with the DA is a hidden message proving that Zuma will not survive for a very long time.

 “This also means that the moment the EFF disagrees with the DA, they will align with the ANC and, the moment Zuma leaves, Malema will probably get a Cabinet position. That is something that will take him back into the ANC, which will mean a complete victory for the ruling party.”

Duvenhage went on to say that the EFF’s current position and demands as a criteria for alignment was putting a lot of pressure on the ANC, particularly around President Zuma issue.

He said should such a strategic agreement between Malema and the ANC prove to be true, that would leave the DA in a difficult position.

“The DA could even become a minority government in the metros that were hotly contested during the elections and a possible scenario that could also play itself out would be a motion of no confidence against the DA,” Duvenhage added.

The EFF leader was expelled in 2012 for allegedly sowing seeds of division in the party. But the emergence of the coalition talks has mounted pressure on the ruling party as  large numbers of the party call for the return of Malema even as Luthuli House is called to set aside Malema’s expulsion.

A member of the ruling party who confirmed the calls said: “It was a big mistake. That guy is a good mobilizer and a leader by birth.”

When asked how Malema will be convinced to return to the ANC, he replied: “I will talk to him because I am the only person he can listen to at the moment. If push comes to shove, we will talk to Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela because he has a soft spot for Mama Winnie.”

However, the EFF refused to align with the ANC on the claim that the party refused to accept its demand which includes the removal of President Jacob Zuma.

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On this, another political analyst Ralph Mathekga, said he believes  that by not entering into any coalition agreement, the EFF was playing it safe.

According to him, EFF’s Malema realized that it was still early to get involved in sharing a mandate with other political parties and that the EFF is thinking about its identity, which is still getting cemented.  As a result, they would still want to continue causing further disruptions as their way of holding those in power accountable.

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