Descendants Of Colonial Murderers Will Lose ‘Stolen Land’ In Municipalities We Govern, Malema Vows


EFF’s policy on land screams for the expropriation of land without compensation for equitable redistribution. The party leader, Julius Malema said you shouldn’t expect anything else. They wouldn’t hesitate to expropriate land without compensation in the municipalities they will get to govern after the local government elections.

Via EFF newsletter, Malema communicated that “landlessness” is the prime cause of black poverty in South Africa, and that the party will use the “municipal planning function” to turn things around for good.

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According to him, it’s unfair that the “descendants of colonial murderers, barterers, and robbers continue to occupy, use and benefit from illegally and illegitimately acquired land (SIC).”

That he said, “is not in dispute amongst sensible and rational South Africans.

What is in dispute is the manner in which this illegally and illegitimately acquired land should be transferred to the ownership and for the benefit of the people as a whole,” Malema added.

Juju condemned other “reactionary reformists” in the country for accepting the use of state resources to get back “stolen land”.

He said EFF is not afraid of being called names, will not adjust its land policy or fail to expropriate land without compensation.

“The EFF is not ashamed…and will never retreat from this commitment because buying illegally acquired property is a criminal offence and we will never be party to criminal activities.

What this means is that when we are government in any municipality, we will allocate all available land to the people for residential, industrial, religious and recreational purposes, and no one will stop the EFF from doing so,” Juju declared.

Meanwhile, the party wished all Muslims a Ramadan full of blessings and peace. And asked that “prayers be made for the continent of Africa, in particular against Islamic fundamentalists who in the name of Allah, terrorize young women and children and massacre innocent and unarmed peoples in West and East Africa.”

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The party also demanded of the Muslims to pray for the South African local government elections that they may be free, fair and peaceful, without any drop of blood.

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