When They See Us, They See Baboons, Please Don’t Vote DA – Malema


Black South Africans must not vote DA. They must not be persuaded by Mmusi Maimane to choose the DA.

Maimane is only in DA to bless his pocket with some free rands. He’s not truly leading the party and, blacks are baboons in the eyes of the whites.

Thus, they must not be allowed to rule SA. The sufferings will escalate more than it is now. EFF is the last hope and the salvation of South Africa, said the Chief Commander of the Fighters.

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Julius Sello Malema stressed that black South Africans must not allow whites rule Mzansi.

“Please don’t vote for DA, he begged. “The pain you are currently feeling is very little compared to what you will endure if the whites are in charge.”

Juju was addressing residents of Kanana in Hammanskraal. He told his audience that the DA leader is not the real leader of the party but a bait in the hands of the real leaders to lure black voters.

“Mmusi Maimane is not a leader of the DA, he is just after money. In the eyes of the whites, we are bobbejaans (baboons).

Punish ANC At Polls

Afterwards, Malema warned that the ANC isn’t the right party to vote for. They ought to be punished at polls, he counseled.

He told the gathering that it’s uncool to trade their kids future for ANC’s T-shirts.

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“People should not love T-shirts more than the future of their children,” he said. “They will go and bribe our people (for votes) with food parcels as if our people only eat after five years.

People are living in a dire state and the ANC takes your money and buys you useless items. There is no money that belongs to the ANC, there is no money that belongs to Jacob Zuma.

That money belongs to you the needy people. They take taxpayers’ money and buy you t-shirts that don’t even last,” Malema asserted.