Malema Reiterates Threat To Seize Power With Arms, Says He’ll Do It Himself 


The first time the EFF lord declared his intent to take power in South Africa through the barrel of a gun, he was excessively lashed for being a warmonger. In fact, ANC laid charges of high treason against the EFF for Juju’s remark.

That however, wouldn’t stop Malema from repeating his threat. He reiterated that the EFF will take up arms against state violence if it persists.

He was speaking at Daily Maverick’s ‘The Gathering’ – a Public political debate – when he issued a warning of probable trouble in the country. That he said, is unavoidable if the state fight EFF’s move to take over power peacefully.

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Malema said the EFF cannot be linked with any violence. But then, added that violence will be met with violence.

He illustrated that it’s stupid to fold his arms and do nothing while Jacob Zuma beats him up.

“If they (the ANC government) are fighting, we will fight, with everything we have. We are fighting the state violence. The state violence will be met with violence,” he warned.

He dismissed the insinuations that he’s inciting EFF supporters to be violent saying; “you think they are gullible, you think they are empty heads. That’s how you view black people.

That is wrong. That is what we are subjected to. When you say you will take a gun in defense of your revolution, people say you are spreading violence.”

To him, ANC is the violent party. He referred to ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize who spoke before him and proclaimed that he “comes from the most violent organisation who shoot and kill each other for positions.”

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Nonetheless, Juju stressed that violence isn’t necessary and avoidable.

“We must not take up arms to self-destruct because the enemy will set us up to self-destruct.

We will take over this government and there will not be a single drop of blood under my instruction. But if we are fought,” the members will be forced to return evil for evil.

Malema added that he’s not endangering the lives of EFF supporters. “I’m putting my life at risk, believe it. I will do it myself,” he said.