Clarion Call: Malema Expresses Concern For Singer Lundi Tyamara


Following news that gospel singer Lundi Tyamara is now in a critical condition, Economic Freedom Fighters Leader Julius Malema made a clarion call to all and sundry to unite in prayers to save the star.

Earlier this week, a statement by his manager Anele Hlazo revealed that the star was fighting for his life;

“We are not giving up on Lundi. We believe that through God’s grace he will pull through. He may not be doing well right now, but he is a fighter.”

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As a result, EFF leader Malema launched a campaign for the gospel star on his social media platform pleading to fans to keep Lundi in their prayers. The EFF called on fans to rally behind the ailing gospel star who is currently fighting for his life in the hospital.

A part of the touching statement reads;

Lundi Tyamara

“The EFF calls on the people of South Africa to pray for our gospel star and legend, Lundi Tyamara who is fighting for his life in hospital. We call on all to join in prayer and intercede for his speedy recovery. In the same way that Lundi Tyamara’s music has carried millions of us through difficult times, we call on all to also carry him in this difficult time.”

Singer Lundi Tyamara

Malema’s statement on his social media accounts reiterated the plea by Lundi’s family to pray for him.

Earlier this month, we got to know that Lundi has been in and out of the hospital since December. He was diagnosed with stomach TB and liver complications. It was later reported that the singer was doing well and recovering at home.

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Nevertheless, emerging reports on Wednesday confirmed that Lundis’ condition has now worsened. In fact, gospel singer Lundi Tyamara is reportedly relying on life support after he was admitted to the ICU. His liver has reportedly stopped working.

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