Malema On Land Grabs: ‘No White Can Understand Our Pains’


So the court case over Julius Malema call for South Africans to invade lands was postponed to October 13, but Malema maintains his call for his supporters to occupy any land available.

In his address to supporters who staged protests outside the Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning, the EFF leader told supporters to go ahead and take up lands while they are still alive.

According to him, lands must be taken back by South Africans while they are still living because the only piece of land they could own in death was their grave.

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The leader reiterated his call for a forceful land occupation, saying that no amount of intimidation and court charges would silence his party from talking about blacks taking up what initially belongs to them. The case against Malema was moved to October this year pending his legal challenge over the constitutionality of the 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act.

The case against Malema was moved to October this year pending his legal challenge over the constitutionality of the 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act.

But, outside the court premises, Malema said even if he defends his stands on why lands must be occupied, a white magistrate “could never understand” the pain of the land issues.

“Nothing is more painful than having to explain the land struggle to a white magistrate. No white people will ever understand that,” the party quoted Malema as saying after the postponement.

“Please go on and occupy the land. This land struggle has led to many blacks having a place they call a home.” Malema reportedly stated.

Malema’s resounding calls for land occupation is no longer news to SA judicial system as these unretracted statements have implicated him on two occasions with charges for contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act have been filed against him.

In 2016, Malema was charged twice over comments he made to supporters in Newcastle and Bloemfontein. Two years earlier, he told his supporters to occupy the unoccupied land because they needed it in order to eat and work.

“If there is unoccupied land, we will go and occupy the land … you must go and do the same,” Malema said to EFF supporters.

One of his comments that caused an uproar was when he said blacks should occupy lands and not apologize as no white person in the country can claim ownership.

Speaking to EFF supporters in KwaZulu-Natal at the 61-year anniversary celebrations of the South African Freedom Charter, Malema said all the land in South Africa belongs to the black majority, and as such, if a black person sees a piece of land they like, they should occupy it, because it belongs to them.

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To buttress his point, the leader said when white people came to South Africa, they found black people there, they didn’t bring the land with them.

“If we say that South Africa belongs to whites too it means we are defeating what our forefathers were fighting for,” he said, adding that even if white people worked the land, they could not own it. Only once the land had been returned to the black majority, would an EFF government decide on how to ‘give’ land to white people.

Meanwhile, the EFF maintained that the charges against Malema were a waste of time, and an attempt to keep the party distracted from honoring its political program.

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