Malema Makes A Clarion Call: ‘SA Unite to Remove Zuma’


The leader of the EFF Julius Malema has broken all boundaries and called on all South Africans, including members of opposition parties, and not forgetting capitalists such as Johann Rupert, to stand and join forces with him and take to the streets to mount pressure on defaulting President Zuma to quit. The quest to remove Zuma is in the interest of the nation, he says.

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Malema said in his comment on the Constitutional Court’s unanimous judgment confirming backing the powers of the public protector and also criticising the actions taken by Zuma and ANC MPs, that the task to permanently remove Zuma from seat now lies on ordinary people.

He implored Rupert to allow his workers time off to join in the march to impeach Zuma.

“Rupert, your call for Zuma to step down should translate into action and see the closure of business to allow workers, including yourself, to join the march to remove Zuma. it’s time to go to the streets. Let unions join the march. We need combined resources – financial and human – to mobilise the necessary strength to remove Zuma.”

Malema took the ANC down memory lane to how “one high court judge managed” to get former president Thabo Mbeki recalled. He pointed out that yesterday’s ConCourt judgment is more than enough to force Zuma’s recall.

Malema made it clear that the people are not afraid to take the power by force if Zuma continues to relent.

“We’re conducting our revolution within the confines of the constitution but, if needs be, we’re not scared to engage them violently … we want to take charge.”

The EFF leader suggested that elections be conducted earlier than scheduled and also for the dissolution of parliament which undermined the constitution to protect Zuma.

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He declared;

“How can parliament provide an oversight of the executive and other arms of the state if it has permanently violated the constitution? Parliament must be dissolved because it has failed our people.”

He called on South Africans to seize the opportunity to unite and remove Zuma from office.