Who’s Pleased? Malema Loves South Africa More Than The EFF


Here’s something for those who’ve always desired to compare President Jacob Zuma With EFF leader, Julius Malema to feed on. Malema loves South Africa more than the EFF.

It’s common knowledge that for the President, ANC is his first love. I mean, he’s made it clear that the ANC comes first before South Africa. For Malema however, many can’t tell which is. It is however, widely believed that his business in politics is to get even with the ANC for ousting him.

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Well, the EFF lord has set the record straight. He told Soweto residents that he loves South Africa more than his beloved EFF. According to him, it’s high time South Africans started taking the EFF serious. And stop seeing it as a party meant to only champion revenge against the ruling one.

“You should never undermine the EFF. Look at the Guptas, they are gone,” he said.

“They say Malema was kicked out, that is why he is fighting ANC. I’m not fighting anyone, I’m fighting for the Constitution…I don’t care whether the constitution is protected by the DA, IFP, ANC.

As long as you protect the constitution, you are my friend. Because I love South Africa more than political parties, I love South Africa more than the EFF,” Malema declared.

“We don’t love the EFF more than South Africa,” he went on. “We formed EFF out of love for South Africa. So we say, EFF, you’re a weapon to fight (and) protect South Africans.

“We are not going to allow them to turn South Africa into another failed African state…If (we) allow them to destroy the Constitution, they will rape you, they will rape your kids. Police will have no laws. I love South Africa more than I love any party. More than I love the EFF,” Juju iterated.

He also called on South Africans to join the party. “Come and join us, let us fight poverty together… Dignity comes with a flushing toilet, (it) comes with a roof over your head, (and) a meal on the table…,” he said.

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