Malema Is Right, Apartheid’s Legacy Hasn’t Been Redressed – DA Leader


The Federal Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party has acknowledged that Julius Malema’s ‘racist remarks’ are rooted in a very real and painful social realities.

Mr Maimane was referring to the comments Juju made on 7th November after he appeared before the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court on two charges of violating the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1957 for urging land invasions.

The EFF leader reportedly said – “we are not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now…”

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Stressing that Malema’s comments are unacceptable, the DA leader acknowleged that the comments “are rooted in very real and painful social realities that South Africa can and must address as a matter of great urgency.

“That is the only way to ensure a peaceful, non-racial future. Because the fact is, our government has failed to redress Apartheid’s legacy.

“It has failed to reduce race-based inequality and open up opportunities for black people to get ahead in life. It has failed to take on SADTU, whose vice-like grip on our education system is strongest and most destructive in our poorest schools.

“It has failed to adequately fund higher education for poor, black students. It has failed in its efforts at effective land reform.

“It has failed to provide the policy coherence and political stability that would inspire confidence in investors. And it has thus failed to produce inclusive, job-creating economic growth,” stated the DA leader.

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Onbehalf of the DA, Maimane rebuked Malema’s comment as  divisive, dangerous and entirely against the national interest.

He divulged that the DA has reported Malema to SA Human Rights Commission for investigation and recourse. According to him, the human rights commission have confirmed that they will address the matter.

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