Malema Is Good, Zuma Is Not Intelligent – He Buys Golden Toilet For Himself With Our Tax Money


It is a popular opinion in South Africa that our president is corrupt, clueless and effectively messing up South Africa. But then, it’s been said that the fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd. In essence, the allegations about Zuma being corrupt, and cancerous to South Africa can all be absolutely just an opinion. After-all, Marcus Aurelius, the ancient Roman Emperor said “everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

To such end, there is no point in making an assessment of Zuma as South Africa’s president. That should be a task for another day. Besides, the way things are in the country has spoken enough about the president’s performance. We won’t scrutinize Zuma, at least not now that we have our kids doing the assessment. Lets just listen to the kids, lets hear their own opinion of Zuma, kids do not discuss such important issues everyday. So lets just listen to them talk about politics in South Africa as seen in the video footage herein.

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In a video, which professionals will regard as a “citizen journalism” piece sent to Nehanda TV, primary school kids were questioned about the political affairs of the country by an undisclosed adult who is probably, their teacher.

The footage started with a kid apparently unhappy with Zuma saying; “if they don’t vote for him, ahha! He would never have been there.” The flow of the rest of their conversation is as dramatically synopsized  below.

Interviewer: “But do you think Malema is Better Than Zuma?”

2nd Kid: “Zuma, if people that don’t vote for him, he Zuma will give those people money to vote for him (SIC).”

Interviewer:”What about Malema?”

2nd Kid: “Malema is good.”

Interviewer: “You think so?”

2nd Kid: “Yes.”

Interviewer: Referring to the 1st kid asked; “What do you think about Malema?”

1st Kid: “I think Malema is good because Zuma takes our tax money, that we work hard to pay for…and built a two hundred and forty-six million mansion with our tax money.”

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As the kid was obviously talking about the Nkandla scandal, the interviewer by, instinct tried to find out more about the kid’s view regarding the issue.

Interviewer: “I just heard the place is so nice is that true?”

Ist kid: “Its nice, it’s…you know, I don’t think Zuma is intelligent… I think that here doesn’t work” (tapping her head, to indicate where the brain is located).

2nd Kid: Cuts in – “Inside his house he have a gold toilet.”

Ist Kid: “A golden toilet! and he buys it with our tax money.”

Tired of me doing the telling? Me too. So just check out the video below.

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