Experts Assert That Malema Has Made Positive Impacts In SA Politics


South Africa’s lionhearted politician and EFF leader, Julius Malema has been described as an influential man in the history of SA’s politics.

We will recall that Malema started his political career with the ANC. That time, he was outspoken and defiant in all round (little wonder, sanitation and water minister once called him ‘a headless chicken‘). He was a former leader of the ANC’s Youth League, he also campaigned for President Zuma to replace Thabo Mbeki as ANC president and was regarded as a king maker.

However, after his expulsion from the youth league, Malema deemed it fit to sustain his ‘always fiery’ political criticism, he thereafter founded the EFF in 2013, and since then, he has positioned himself as a thorn in Zuma’s flesh.

Be that as it, many see Malema as a ‘noisy cymbal’ that rants at will while others made the brave leader their hero. It is not out of place also to state that Malema has also made history in parliament. Severally, he has been bundled out of the National Assembly together with his men (mostly for ‘unparliamentary speeches’).

However, irrespective of whatever view you hold about Malema, one thing is certain and that is, he was the brain behind Zuma’s present predicament. Perhaps, you missed the beginning of the drama but I will sum it in few words.

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Julius Malema was the brain behind Zuma’s present woes because it was the opposition leader who filed an application to ConCourt requesting that President Zuma must pay back money spent on non-security upgrades in his presidential Nkandla homestead.

Yes, it was the defiant leader that spearheaded the ‘thorny fight’ before the Democratic Alliance (DA) followed suit. And today, most South Africans couldn’t contain their joy because justice has finally been served.

Yesterday, the Constitutional Court found that not only the President, but also Parliament, failed to uphold and defend the Constitution in dealing with the Nkandla debacle..

Meanwhile, following the legal victory over Zuma, experts have postulated that Malema has really made positive impacts in SA politics within a short space of time, especially as an opposition leader.

Commenting on Malema’s impacts, political analyst Somadoda Fikeni asserted that Malema has succeeded in impacting ANC politics, from outside the party. He said;

“Now he’s beginning to impact on the ANC and government politics because very often they are to respond to his challenges. He may not be a king maker, but he may probably be a king breaker this time around.”

Meanwhile, Malema has unleashed a fresher attack on President Zuma. The Citizen reports that Malema asserted that he doubts if President Zuma has ever opened SA’s constitution.

“I don’t think he even has capacity to read this book because had he read the book, he would not have committed the stupid mistakes he committed.

“We must all live by this book, including Parliament and all political formations because this is our bible and without it we are nothing….we would be another failed African state,” Malema said.

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