Hurray! Malema Graduates With BA Degree


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called on young South Africans to emulate their leader who will be graduating with a BA degree from UNISA tomorrow.

The party, ‘with great revolutionary pleasure and excitement’ announced to ‘South Africa, Africa and the world that the EFF President and CIC Julius Malema has successfully completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree with the University of South Africa (UNISA).

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We salute the CIC…young people of South Africa (should) emulate his example. Value education against all the odds and never compromise in the struggle for Free Education for all,” stated the opposing party’.

The fighters said their lord ‘continues to make (them) proud’ and that ‘his graduation confirms the reality that education is central to the struggle for economic freedom. Indeed, without education, economic freedom will not be sustainable,’ they added.

To them, Juju has ‘demonstrated great patience, perseverance and strength of will.’

“He has participated and led from the forefront in the founding of the most important political movement for the total emancipation of our people. He has built EFF structures, from branches to the EFF successive National People’s Assemblies, led the EFF elections campaign, including leading the first generation of EFF Members of Parliament.

He has delivered selflessly and contributed whole heartedly to the advancement of the revolution alongside politically motivated court cases that saw him persecuted for standing up for the true demands of the the African Revolution. In all of this the CIC not only stayed true to principle, but also took to pen and paper to study and successfully complete a degree qualification.”

With that, the fighters declared that Malema is akin to the struggle heroes and heroines who never compromised in leading South Africans through the liberation struggle.

“These selfless heroes and heroines of our liberation struggle studied amidst torture, imprisonment (and) war” just like Malema who completed his “BA qualification amidst all other demands on him as a leader,” EFF argued.

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