Juju Doesn’t Want To Be SA President, Can You Believe That?


Even when Malema was with the ANC, the belief was that one day, he’ll advance, become a mega big-shot in the party, and even become SA President.

If I’m not mistaken, the present President once said Malema has the potentials required of the ideal SA President.

But then, ANC had enough of Malema’s issue and chased him away. Then, it looked he’s come to the end of his political journey. Malema however, wasn’t  done. He started his EFF, many laughed at him and anticipated the demise of Juju’s EFF the next day.

EFF nonetheless survived, and again, the anticipation that Malame will be SA President someday is increasing gaining ground.

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The EFF leader in an interview with Al Jezeera nevertheless, pointed out that he’s not interested in being the President of South Africa.

“I don’t have ambition of becoming a President. My ambition is to make the EFF a government of South Africa,” Malema asserted.

According to him, the EFF wants to be the ruling party come 2019. And who becomes the president will be decided by the EFF. “I’m not into this thing for myself. I’m into this thing to put a party that’s got the interest of black people at heart in power. My ambition is to put a responsible party in power,” Malema stressed.

He said the EFF as ruling party can work with other parties. “We can work with the DA, we can work with the UDM. We can work with anyone who represents clean governance. Anyone who wants to restore the dignity of black people.” Notwithstanding, he emphasized that the DA would have to outline how it will empower the black nation.

The EFF leader said his expulsion from the ANC happened for a reason. “It was time for us to exit the ANC and find an alternative…(ANC) is going to die a natural death, it’s bound to happen. They want to create an impression that we’re owing them for the rest of our lives.”

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Thereafter, he indicated that the EFF “is not waged in a war against Zuma and ANC. We’re waged in a war against white monopoly capital. Zuma is not our enemy, the ANC is not our enemy.

They’re standing in our way to crushing white monopoly capital which has stolen our land, (and) controls the wealth of our country.

In the process of crushing the white monopoly capital, there would be some of these irritations that we have to deal with. And Zuma represents such an irritation, the ANC represent such an irritation,” Malema stated.