Give Birth And Expand So We’ll Remain Dominant, Malema Tells Black South Africans


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader said White South Africans are discouraging Blacks from having many children so that they’ll cease to be the majority in South Africa.

Juju as such, urged black South Africans to make more babies in order to remain dominant.

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The EFF leader who was addressing the people of Soweto in order to ready them for the party’s upcoming election manifesto launch in Orlando Stadium said: “Give birth and expand because if we do not make children we are going to disappear as a Black nation.”

According to Juju, “to make children is a revolutionary duty‚ because children represents reproduction of society. And when you reproduce yourself you reproduce your ideas and legacy.”

He further argued thus – “White people do not want us to give birth because they know we are more than them. So that they can be more than us, (they discouraging Blacks from having many children) and the day they are more than us they will take over our land.”

While at that, Malema urged Soweto youth to abandon drugs and resist being drunks.

“We must not surrender to alcohol. The youth of Meadowlands‚ the youth of Soweto‚ there is no drug that is going to give you a better life… Don’t say because you are hungry you must go and do drugs‚ you must just hang in there,” he said.

He also criticized ANC and called on the people to fight ANC leadership as they did the apartheid government. “People of Soweto are the people who fought against a white regime and we must not forget the role people of Soweto played in the struggle.

If you do not sleep with them or are not a member of the ANC you will never get anything. When your children graduate they do not get jobs because you must be knowing so and so. If you are not a member of the ANC you do not get a job. We must fight against them,” Malema charged.

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