Don’t Be Afraid Zimbabweans, Victory Is Certain- Malema


Zimbabwe has always remained an inspiration to EFF’s Julius Malema and his squad.

As a matter of fact, Malema believes that Zimbabwe’s path to liberation is a great example of what should be done, and what should not be done in EFF’s struggle of economic freedom.

The lesson that without land, decolonization is incomplete and a social time bomb; as in the case of Zimbabwe also forms a major source of inspiration to Malema; as stated in his statement on Zimbabwe’s Independence Day.

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Rallying around Zimbabweans in the country’s deepening protests, Malema assured the good people of Zimbabwe that the EFF is on their side.

“We are on the side of the people of Zimbabwe, never be governed by fear. The people always win, like you did in the ’80s. Victory is certain,” Malema said on Twitter.

The defiant leader said victory was certain for Zimbabweans protesting against the Zanu-PF government; which has been in power since 1980 under president Mugabe’s leadership.

Zimbabweans Yearn For Economic Freedom

Series of demonstrations were held in Zimbabwe; where protests were driven by an economic crisis that has left many banks short of cash and the government struggling to pay its workers.

The protest was triggered by Mawarire, a pastor, who organised a one-day nationwide last week. The protest saw offices, shops, schools and some government departments shut down.

However, Mawarire, who later became the the people’s hero was arrested and charged with inciting public violence on Tuesday. He was released on Wednesday evening after the Harare Magistrates’ Court found that his arrest was unconstitutional.

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The charges against Mawarire were dropped and the pastor was released in a possible sign of defiance against Zimbabwe’s dictator, Mugabe. He was well received amid thunderous cheers outside court from hundreds of supporters.

Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe has been in power since since 22 December 1987. The 92-year-old leader, who appears not to be willing to leave power- despite the ‘harsh’ economic condition of the country; has often blamed Zimbabweans for his overdue stay in power.