Malema Apologizes To Mbeki, Mandela, Says Zuma Misled Him


The leader of the Economic Freedom fighter Julius Malema has on Tuesday appealed that Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela forgive him; says he has been mislead by the president of the Republic of South Africa.

Malema who was once Zuma’s chair leader said during a debate on the State of the Nation Address in the National Assembly, said Zuma once pulled him aside and ”made it very clear to me that he is not prepared to work with Mbeki”.

Speaking further, Malema said having been elated at the Judge’s dismissal of fraud and corruption charges against Zuma in September 2008, himself and the entire African National Congress Youth League he led at the time were elated and thus they put all effort to see that Zuma was made president. At that time Mbeki indicated he would make himself available for another term.

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Malema also apologized to late President Nelson Mandela who he (Malema) had accused of being a sell-out during negotiations to establish a democratic South Africa. At that time, Malema also accused him of making many concessions and did not rectify structural wrongs and the unequal distribution of resources.

To this, Malema said though the EFF would never agree with the economic policies of Mbeki and Mandela, they did not want Zuma to be president. He therefore appealed to the ANC not to be controlled by Zuma.

Malema  summed up Zuma’s government into three word – “Mshini Wam, Nkandla, Guptas” By this he was referring to Zuma’s friendship with the influential Gupta family, the president’s controversial Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as Zuma’s signature song Awuleth’ Umshini Wami (Bring me my machine gun).

“My Zupta, your leadership can be summed up into three things – the Guptas, Nkandla and Umshini Wami,” Malema said before “dropping the mike” and walking out of the National Assembly and the  EFF’s MPs followed him out.

Meanwhile, the deputy Mineral Resources Minister Godfrey Oliphant  has described the EFF as “cowards” and its leader Julius Malema as “Judas” 

Oliphant said this during the State of the Nation Address debate on the same day. According to him, the EFF were cowards and Malema was a traitor for speaking negatively about former president Nelson Mandela during a trip to London in November last year. “He is in fact a Judas,” he added.

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