According To Malema: ‘ANC Leaders Are All The Same, Criminals!


The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema has once again lashed at the ruling ANC and the ANC leaders calling them an organization of gangsters and criminals for protecting Zuma

Malema, who was at Kamhlushwa village near Malalane, Mpumalanga, on Tuesday, said ANC leaders are protecting President Jacob Zuma because they want to ‘eat’.  “That is why when you say Zuma must go, they get angry”.

“They are protecting Zuma because they are criminals. The ANC is an organisation of gangsters. They know that they are the same. If you are not corrupt they remove you,” he added.

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Malema claimed that former KwaZulu-Natal premier Senzo Mchunu, who announced his resignation this week, was recalled because he refused to ‘steal’ for Zuma.

“We are going to fight with everything. If they want to fight physically, we are ready,” Malema said, vowing the EFF would continue its parliament antics.

Among those listening to Malema’s speech were dismissed farm workers, land claimants and students. One of the farm workers, John Mabunda claimed to have left the ANC because he felt let down by the party and labour federation Cosatu.

 “We want you, Malema, to help us,” Mabunda shouted. “We have been working at this farm for more than 15 years, only to be told we were temporary workers. Please help us.”

About 300 farm workers from Umbhaba Estate were reported to have been dismissed last year over their demands to be unionized. But then Malema startled his audience. He told them he would not get involved in struggles that gave people money back for their land claims.

“The ANC government, under Zuma, say they will give you the land back,” Malema said “Instead of offering you the land, they offer you money. You people have been getting the money. I don’t get involved in struggles that give people money back for the land.

“If you are taking the money, it means your struggle for the land is not genuine. We must demand the land, not the money. We are not in this thing for the money. We are in this thing to return the land.”

Julius Malema and his party have become one of the unchewable bones for the ruling ANC. He was described as someone whose ability to size up‚ summarize and understand a complex problem is uncanny and therefore shouldn’t be underestimated.

This was revealed by the out-going vice-chancellor of the University of Free State professor Jonathan Jansen who in his valedictory interview analyzed the political status of the country.

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According to him, political parties undermine the political prowess of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema and this is a dangerous attempt to make.

“The biggest mistake that people made then and now‚ particularly the ANC leaders the biggest mistake they made is to underestimate the intelligence‚ the political smarts of Julius Malema.

“We make a huge mistake especially in the parliamentary context to underestimate his ability to bring politics to the agenda for change. We underestimate him at our peril‚” Jansen added as he praised Malema’s love and respect for education in the country.

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