Minister Nomvula Mokonyane Reacts To Malema’s Accusations


Reacting to the recent allegations against her, Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane said she would rather remain mum.

Nevertheless, she dismissed EFF leader’s allegations that her department is giving contracts to encourage fraud and money laundering.

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Julius Malema earlier accused her of being an accomplice to African National Congress Youth League’s treasurer general Reggie Nkabinde. Malema made the accusations during a press conference on national television in Pretoria.

According to Malema, Reggie Uses his Mabala Noise Entertainment company as a front to launder money from government. He went on to accuse Nomvula Mokonyane of being in bed with Reggie by empowering him with tenders.

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Meanwhile, the honorable minister dismissed the accusations as mere stupidity borne out of frustration.

“I have heard and observed what Julius Malema has said. He didn’t get a single municipality and because we did very well‚ desperate individuals will say such things. I’m not going to honor his stupidity by responding.”

She also added that: “He has not been fed that information by me. The treasurer general of the ANC Youth League is a child of the ANC and has a right to run his own business.”

Malema based his accusations on the fact that Reggies Mabala Noise showers artists signed under with millions of rands. Now, the question is – where does the money come from?

“… Nomvula likes them young … That’s how Reggie became a favorite of Nomvula Mokonyane …” Malema said.

Spokesperson of the minister‚ Mlimandlela Ndamase‚ also dismissed Malema’s statements as nonsense.

“Julius is speaking nonsense. He is being sexist against a female leader of the ANC who is promoting policies of empowerment through a fair and transparent process‚” he said.

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The ANC Youth League refused to make any comment on the matter‚ insisting that all questions should go to Mabala Noise.

“Well‚ you can speak to whoever is responsible for Mabala Noise and not the youth league‚” said ANCYL national spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize.

However, Mabala Noise representatives said they were “working on putting a statement together”. So, till then, we will have to sit back and watch.

Meanwhile, Malema is ready for anyone who will challenge his statement even in court.

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