2016 SONA: ‘We Will Not Keep Quiet, We Will Share It With Zuma’ – Malema


The defiant leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party has vowed to actively participate in the parliamentary address with President Zuma on Thursday. Julius Malema said that his party members will stand against any form of presidential intimidation. In fact, he said EFF members will never keep quiet throughout the meeting.

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Malema said this during EFF’S annual plenum. He told reporters in Benoni that they would share the parliamentary time with President Zuma. He said, “Instead of just leaving him alone, we are going to share that time with him. It will be he and the EFF giving the State of the Nation Address that day,”

Last year, Julius Malema, together with his group were forcefully thrown out of the State of the Nation Address (SONA). They were flung out by the police after interrupting president Zuma. But, this year, they are bouncing back on a different subject. Yes, they will like to know why President Zuma axed former minister Nhlanhla Nene last December.

EFF will want to know why little-known David Van Rooyen replaced Nhlanhla Nene. David Van Rooyen was former Merafong mayor and a member of the ruling party- African National Congress (ANC). President Zuma severed Nene’s post following outrageous falls in rand.

Speaking further, he said that president Zuma doesn’t deserve any atom of deserving from them. He recalled that past presidents of the country, who were very endearing enjoyed much respects and that members of parliament remained quiet for those “respectable presidents”. He maintained that president Zuma has lost his worth long ago. Malema opined that “He [Zuma] has ceased to be that thing” [ie a respectable president].”

He further lashed Zuma by making it known to all and sundry that president Zuma would no longer hold his head high, and at such, wouldn’t earn any respect. Malema feels that respect and reverence can only be given to presidents who respected their political office and the public purse.

Reiterating his claims, he vowed that Zuma will never have an easy time during the parliamentary address. He said, “Every time he turns a page we are going to speak. When he goes to the next page, we will speak. If he speaks for 25 minutes there will be an additional 25 minutes for the EFF.”

There is no doubt that Malema has been making waves in South Africa lately. The economic fighter has risen to challenge authorities. Just yesterday, he blatantly ordered the Gupta media to stay away from covering any of his party’s event. So many comments trailed his statement. On Friday, Williams Moegsien (Gupta media owner) called him ‘South Africa’s Very Own Donald Trump’.

Also, he poured out his anger on President Zuma concerning his belated proposal to pay back for Nkandla upgrades. In fact, the party (EFF) has remained obstinate about President Zuma’s appearance in court. The Democratic Alliance also maintained that irrespective of President Zuma’s acceptance, Nkandla issues would be settled in the Constitutional Court.

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