Gross! Why Malamulele Women Flashed Buttocks Outside Court


A group of women in Malamulele, Limpopo, who stormed the Saselamani court expressed their resentment and bitterness against two suspects by flashing their buttocks in protest outside the court on Thursday.

The women were demanding truth about the death of a 17-year-old mother, Hlumani Maswanganyi, who was kidnapped and stabbed to death by the suspects.

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During the protest, the Malamulele women drew their pants down, flashing their bums against an accused who they claimed can reveal where the teenage mother was buried.

The crime was allegedly committed in October last year by a popular traffic cop named Masingita Chavani and 22-year-old Steven Sithole.

Reports say 45-year-old Chavani, a relative of Maswanganyi and Sithole allegedly abducted the teenage mother, together with her new born baby and later killed her.

Prior to the calamitous act, Chavani had faked pregnancy, applied for leave and told her colleagues that she was going to give birth.

In the course of the case, the popular traffic cop also appeared on a separate charge of car theft in relation to the car used to kidnap Maswanganyi and her son.

She was recently sentenced to two years imprisonment for negligence regarding a firearm which her son used to commit a crime.

Sithole on the hand admitted to killing the teenage mother right before Chavani. However, the family of Maswanganyi is currently rocked by confusion regarding where her body was dumped.

The confusion started after Sithole pointed out a spot near Mulonga on the Levubu River, where DNA samples of blood taken from the area proved to be 99% likely to be Maswanganyi’s.

But he later pointed another area near Nandoni Dam where he claimed to have dumped the body. But dramatically, DNA results showed that it was the corpse of a boy, not Maswanganyi’s.

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Now the the deceased’s family and the Xikundu community are largely clueless as to where her body was dumped.

The duo appeared before magistrate Daniel Maluleke at Saselamani Periodical Court on Thursday, charged with murder and kidnapping. The case was however postponed to July 14 for the decision of the director of public prosecutions.

Baring of buttocks by women is not a pleasant act to behold. More often than not, women who bare their bums usually do so out of bitterness, anger or resentment.