Makhura To Sharpeville Residents: Don’t Vote For ANC If It Fails To Deliver


Acknowledging the fact that the ruling party has a lot to do to win back the trust of South Africans, Gauteng Premier David Makhura told Sharpeville residents not to vote for the ANC if it fails to deliver.

Makhura, who visited the areas of Sharpeville in the South of Johannesburg to commemorate the year’s Human rights day, said to residents that if the ruling ANC don’t deliver the people need not vote for them.

The premier gave the strong message to the people amid other strong promises which include that the Gauteng provincial government would give residents annual delivery reports, without long political speeches, on March 21.

“There is no reason for you to vote for us if we don’t deliver,” Makhura said, admitting that a lot of work needed to be done to improve the lives of Sedibeng residents.

“If the premier does not do what the people want, that premier is not supposed to be the premier,” Makhura said to an applause from residents who attended the Human Rights commemoration at the George Thabe Stadium.

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Makhura also touched other issues of concern like the Life Esidimeni tragedy which put his administration on its toes in the past month.

The premier maintained that the tragic health mistake in the province will not be allowed to repeat and that his government will do its best to protect the lives of the people in the three Gauteng metros, Tshwane, Joburg, and Ekurhuleni.

“We have done a lot when it comes to education in those three metros. [But now] it’s time to pay attention to education and economic transformation in Sedibeng and the West Rand.”Makhura said while stressing that Sedibeng and the West Rand will in a very short while; enjoy their share in the benefits of democracy.

David Makhura’s strong words to Sharpeville residents comes at the time the ruling party struggles to win back people’s trust in the party ahead of the 2019 general elections.

It also comes at the time the ruling party’s main opposition, the DA is trying to wriggle itself out of an Apartheid and colonialism comments made by one of its top leaders, Helen Zille, the premier of Western Cape.

Swaying over to the national discussion on colonialism following tweets by former DA leader Helen Zille, the premier said no part of colonialism or apartheid was good because nothing good can be drawn out of an oppressive system.

“We want a South Africa that will share resources, where there is no racism, xenophobia, unemployment and poverty. We don’t want leaders who believe that colonialism was good – [because] colonialism was bad,” was Makhura’s words about Zille’s colonialism comments.

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“I invite [you] to come to Sharpeville and speak to the families of those people who died on that day. There was nothing good about apartheid, colonialism, and imperialism,” he said to those who believe that colonialism was good.