Makhura Admits The ANC Cadre Deployment Policy Is Bedeviled By Flaws


In a clear statement, Gauteng Premier David Makhura admitted that as a result of the cadre deployment policy, the ANC has always failed to appoint qualified and properly skilled people to occupy crucial positions in government.

Makhura lamented yesterday as he spoke in the Gauteng legislature that the ANC contradicts its cadre deployment policy by not appointing its most skilled and experienced personnel.

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Explaining further, Makhura pointed out that in ANC terms, a cadre referred to a person who had been identified and trained for a specific responsibility, with the intention of excelling in the assigned office.

“The problem with the ANC is that we don’t implement our cadre policy because cadre deployment is (actually) placing people in a field that they will master.”

The Gauteng Premier thus, admitted to an assertion by the DA’s Jack Bloom that the “root of the problem in Gauteng” was as a a result of ANC’s insistence on the cadre deployment policy, leading to “a myriad of other failures” in various departments under Makhura’s administration.

Bloom added that these negligence of duty can be seen in failure by the departments of human settlements and health to spend R908-million and R738-million respectively on housing and the health sector.

The R908-million in housing allocation was subsequently taken away from Gauteng by the national Treasury.

Bloom said:

“The root of the problem in Gauteng is cadre deployment and general political interference in what needs to be done to run an efficient administration. This goes hand in hand with extensive corruption and jobs for pals. Every time we hear of another instance of lack of delivery or irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure, you can trace it to corruption or the wrong person in the wrong job.

“Why is it that so many tenders go to companies that can’t deliver on time or within budget?”

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During the 2012 elective conference in Mangaung, Free State, ANC declared the period 2012 to 2022 as “the decade of the cadre” adding that “there will be a key focus on the ideological, political, academic and moral training of a critical mass of ANC members”.

At the conference, the governing party reached a resolution that deployment should always be preceded by systematic, academic, ideological and ethical training and political preparation, “In the new phase of the National Democratic Revolution.”