Makhosi Khoza: ANC Must Be Allowed To Die


Amid wild speculations about Makhosi Khoza planning to form a new political party, the former ANC MP has once again called for a complete restructuring of the governing party.

The embattled member of the parliament who was also the chairperson of the portfolio committee on public service said that for the ANC to learn, it has to first die and then be resurrected like Jesus

Dr Makhosi Khoza said this on Tuesday night while delivering the 11th Annual Helen Joseph lecture at the University of Johannesburg.

“Unfortunately the country cannot rebuild itself under the ANC rule. Of course, they will tell you that the ANC is going to self-correct, they say they are like the ocean,” she said, adding that the ANC which Helen Joseph believed in now “persecutes truth in the name of organisational discipline”.

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She also agreed with former President Kgalema Motlanthe who said during an interview with BBC News Africa, that the ANC needed to “hit rock bottom” and lose the national elections “for the penny to drop” in the minds of ANC members.

He was quoted as saying “It would be good for the ANC itself if it was voted out, because…those elements who are in it for the largess will quit, will desert it, and only then the possibility would arise to salvage whatever is left of it.”

Like Motlanthe, Khoza said President Zuma and the rest of the top six needed to be fired because according to her, they don’t have a “moral conscience.”

She also asserted that the outcome of the ANC’s much-awaited December elective conference was going to be an outcome of a “gate-keeping process” with the upcoming leaders being forced to “sign a pact with the devil.”

When a society is led by leaders who boldly defended looting, corruption and breakdown of critical institutions such as the Office of the Public Protector, the South African Broadcasting Corporation and Eskom among others, then the country was in a serious leadership crisis, Khoza said.

“We are in trouble. Patronage and nepotism had become the ANC’s policy,” she said, adding that looters now freely gain access to the public purse under the Zuma-led government.

Moreover, Makhosi Khoza turned to South African citizens questioning why ANC must be given another chance in 2019 when on countless time, it proved it has no regards for the people by refusing to reprimand its leader.

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She said the 2019 elections would not be based on struggle credentials because most of the voters were born after apartheid and were mostly youth.

“Never before has the future of South Africa rested in the mighty hands of the youth, black or white, female or male….These young South Africans must know that the future of South Africa is solely in their hands.”

Makhosi Khoza, like some of the party members, believed that the ANC was no longer the movement but something else. She said the ANC, particularly in a democratic society, could be voted in, and voted out.