Firebrand MP Makhosi Khoza Considers Dumping The ANC


Following the endless threats she’s been receiving over the recent times coupled with the disciplinary actions lodged against her by her very own political party, the ANC MP Makhosi Khoza is considering dumping her party.

The firebrand MP who is currently facing charges for publicly speaking against her party leader, President Jacob Zuma, said she is looking at ditching her party very soon.

Giving reasons for her decision, Khoza said in an exclusive interview with The Witness that she no longer sees any point in serving in an organisation whose values no longer align with her own.

“I joined the ANC because it was an organisation of the people. I now don’t see any reason why I should continue being a member of the ANC given the fact that the party no longer believes in putting people first.

“Now that there is a campaign within the ANC against those who genuinely care about the poor, I feel it is the right time for me to close the ANC chapter and begin a new one,” she said.

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The MP blamed the ruling African National Congress (ANC) top officials for further ripping the party further apart with their selfish interest.

Makhosi Khoza who was supposed to appear before her party’s disciplinary committee on Sunday, to hear the charges against her for violation the party’s rules, failed to make herself available but blamed the “eleventh-hour” changes made by ANC provincial leaders around the time the hearing was supposed to start for her failure to attend Sunday’s proceedings.

“I had made all the necessary travel arrangements so that I would be able to attend the hearing, which was supposed to start at 3pm but they sent me another e-mail indicating some changes.

“Unfortunately, I could not accommodate that as I had already booked flights and made the necessary security arrangements,” she said, adding that her lawyer attended the hearing instead.

“They can go ahead and strip me of my membership, I don’t care anymore.”

“I have reflected a lot in the past few days and something inside me told me that these people are no longer my comrades. They call you comrade while at the same time plotting against you — what kind of comrades do those kinds of things?” Makhosi Khoza said.

ANC provincial spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli, however, said the hearing did not proceed. The chairperson agreed to postpone the matter to allow Khoza’s legal representative sufficient time to prepare for the case.

“The case has been adjourned and will convene on Sunday, 17th September 2017, Pixley Ka-Seme House, ANC provincial office, in order to accommodate the request made by her representative who was instructed last night and could not have sufficient time to prepare for the hearing,” he said.

Khoza, is now a backbencher following the ANC decision last month to axe her as chairperson of the public service and administration portfolio committee, said ANC bosses in KwaZulu-Natal had informed her that the hearing would go ahead in her absence.

She was among the ANC MPs who defied last month’s party leadership directive instructing all ruling party MPs to vote against the opposition parties’ motion of no confidence in Zuma.

“I have no regrets at all as the results of that vote have clearly demonstrated to all South Africans that Zuma no longer enjoyed the support of most of the members of his own party. I’m proud to be counted amongst those MPs who expressed their displeasure in the manner in which the ANC, as well as government, were being run,” she said.

Makhosi Khoza who has been an ANC member for 35 years, but now, she said she is beginning to doubt the activities of the party which initially was meant to liberate the people. said she had not yet made a decision on her future. She wanted to continue playing a role in the fight against poverty and corruption.

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She said she had not yet made a decision on her future but that she is still interested in fighting against poverty and corruption.

“I will definitely find a platform to champion the mission which the ANC has betrayed. There is no doubt that what I went through in recent months had made me a stronger person.

“The insults and threats I have been getting from the ANC had made me realise I could be far more effective outside the ANC than within. It is true that people outside the ANC are much safer than those within the party,” she said.