Makhosi Khoza Is Searching For A New Political Home But Won’t Join EFF


Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Makhosi Khoza, who is currently searching for a new political home won’t be pitching her tent on EFF’s political campground.

Following her resignation from the ANC last month, Khoza admitted that she’s being courted and wooed by political parties and civil organisations in the country.

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However, if there’s a place to settle and advance her political career, then it’s definitely not the Julius Malema revolutionary party, she disclosed on Monday.

This was after the outspoken MP’s response to her supporter who asked her to join the EFF instead of forming a new political party.

In an interview with reporters, the outspoken MP reacted thus:

“There were a lot of yes’s‚ a lot of no’s and many calls for me to join the EFF. Really? Be serious‚ can you imagine me joining the EFF? I am not a communist‚ I don’t support nationalisation and I don’t share their perspective on land issues. The last thing I want to do is compromise social unity.”

Khoza’s supporter’s advice for her to join the EFF was triggered by her search for a political home, which she took to another level on Sunday.

She simply took to social media and asked her Facebook supporters to vote on whether she should find a new political home or form a new party.

While hundreds of people who are saddened by ANC’s corruption‚ state capture and internal faction fighting promised to stand by her, others asked her to join the Malema’s party. However, some advised her to wait till the ANC picks its new leaders at its upcoming elective conference.

Weighing in, former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor simply wrote: “I would advise you to move with caution.”

One commentator replied: “I would like to see you debating in parliament, alongside Shivambu, Dr Ndlozi, Malema et al. Forget about this new party thing. Also, we need a forum similar to the AfriForum. My dream is to see you leading that particular forum, not some political party. Amen.”

Another advised thus: “Please wait for December Mama. See what happens. ANC is your home. The ANC I knew growing up has been hijacked but maybe it can still be saved. For now, just do community service. Still, remember the first day I saw you when you’re busy with the SABC and said to myself wow this lady has more BALLS than many men I know.”

“EFF is not suitable for Dr Makhosi as its extreme left lopsided to blackness. Remember Makhosi wants to build a united organization that includes all races – a real multiracial organisation for future of South Africa,” wrote another.

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The former ANC MP said the decision to canvass for opinions is part of her consultation process, as she would be making a final decision latest March 2018 in order to prepare well.